Encanto Minecraft Edition

We adored watching Encanto so much on Disney+ that when we found this mod, we just new we had to use it in one of our minecraft lessons. So this #minecraftmonday that is exactly what we are doing. This mod not only is an amazing building of Casa but the town as well. See for yourself in the pictures.

We then took our time to compare each room to the character and put the movie back on, you could do a movie night yourself with traditional columbian food as that is where Encanto is set.However we went with a musical lesson and sang along as the songs are very catchy. Especially Surface Pressure which has tons of Easter eggs. If you are not familiar with what easter eggs are, they are references to others things in the film, for example, in the song there is Hercules. We have a whole series about it in our store section.

Have fun easter egg hunting, as its a fun new way to watch the films.

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