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This Wednesday I have your preschooler covered with fun fairytales. There are so many and they go more in depth as your child grows (you can check out our Disney Curriculum which will be for Kindergarten to 6th Grade). But for now beginning to introducing fairytales and stories, you can dress up and act them out and much more. Below we have Book, crafts and songs related to.

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Five-minute Stories: Over 50 Tales and Fables by Cottage Door Press

There is always time to read together with this deluxe treasure-trove of five-minute stories, fables, and well-loved fairy tales. There are over 50 easy-to-read stories to enjoy in this enchanting collection – and each one fits perfectly into the beginning, middle or end of a very busy day! This beautiful story-time treasury brings together the talents of illustrators from around the world, with well-loved tales including Aladdin, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, The Three Little Pigs, and many more.

  • Quick and short stories read aloud in around five minutes. Allows adults to adjust how many stories and how much time to spend reading every day
  • Bond with your child through family storytime and strengthen a love for books and reading
  • Favorite classics bring imagination and creativity to storytime. Rich and vivid illustrations and beautifully written tales will bring a smile from ear to ear
  • Over 50 tales and fables including Jack and the Beanstalk, The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Hen, The Lion and the Mouse, Tom Thumb, and more
  • Collect all titles available in the padded treasury book collection.

Three Pigs and a Gingerbread Man  by Hilary Robinson

The Three Little Pigs lived in a brick house in Pig Yard. They baked all day and had such fun, until a wolf came by. He huffed and he puffed and he tried to blow the houses down, but he was no match for the Gingerbread Man

Fairytale Baking: Delicious Treats Inspired by Hansel & Gretel, Snow White, and Other Classic Stories by Christin Geweke

65 enchanting and delicious treats inspired by The Princess and the PeaMother Holle, and more!
Like old family recipes, fairytales and stories are also handed down from one generation to the next. And delicious baking can delight the senses and bring back memories just like a good story, for both old and young alike. 
This journey through magical baking will make you dream of fairytale forests and faraway lands. These enchanting recipes are guaranteed to be liked by even the fussiest of cake eaters.
Learn to make delicious pastries and desserts such as:
• Black Forest Cherry Trifle
• Meringue Cake
• Coconut Crumble Pineapple Muffins
• Chocolate and Espresso Biscotti
• Salted Peanut Cupcakes
• Mini Lava Cakes
• Chocolate Hazelnut Swiss Roll
• Mini Chocolate Mousse Flans
• Blackberry Ganache Tartlets
• Crème Brûlée
• Mini Cinnamon Rolls
• Mango and Chocolate Squares
• Spiced Macarons
• Chocolate Bourbon Cupcakes
• Sweet Berry Cobbler
• Marbled Cheesecake
• And Much More!
Also included within are fairytales to help pass the time until your goodies are ready to take out of the oven and devour!



How cute is this Toilet Paper Roll Pig Craft? Super easy to make and perfect for little kids learning about farm animals, domestic animals or the letter P.“- Shruti


“Decorate your beautiful Craft Stick Fairy and sprinkle with some glitter to bring some sparkle to your creations. It’s so easy to do, and so much fun. Suitable for children aged five and over.” – Shruti


Got a new fantasy novel? Make it even better with these gorgeous DIY mermaid tail bookmarks! Make them in multiple colors and give your best friends too!” – Shruti

Pig Headband Craft For Kids [Free Template] – Simple Everyday Mom

“Kids love farm animals! There’s something about feeding them, petting them, and watching them run around the farm that kids just love.” – Sam

Goat Paper Bag Puppet Craft [Free Template] – Simple Everyday Mom

“Ready to visit the petting zoo? There’s always one animal you can count on being there – goats!” – Sam

Handprint Chicken Craft For Kids [Free Template] – Simple Everyday Mom

“Headed to the farm for a field trip? If so, this handprint chicken craft is the perfect activity to do before or after!” -Sam

Three Little Pigs: Shadow Puppetry with Printables – In the Playroom

How to make a shadow theatre - 3 Little pigs puppet theatre with printables

“Our family has always been fond of theatrical entertainment. In the past, both my husband and I were involved in hobby theatres, and we still like sewing costumes and having dress-up parties. We have looked forward to sharing the excitement with our son, and as soon as he reached his first ” birthday, we started thinking of building a theatre. For now, a small shadow theatre. – Liska

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