Flexibility of Homeschooling

Now every state has different requirements for homeschooling but what is so wonderful is that your not set to that Monday through Friday 8 am to 3pm schedule. That was one of the worst parts of sending M to school. Making sure he was up, out the door with a happy go lucky look (just kidding most days he looked miserable and fought the morning routine) only to have so little time between my own work, school and everything else adulthood has us handle. And every time I picked him up at 3pm he was tired, starving and still looking miserable. I never knew what he was truly learning and he always wanted alone time.

Now not everyone is going to be on the same schedule and that’s okay. As long as you hit those requirements it’s not a big deal. Honestly we are very relaxed about the way M is learning because we are allowing him to take the lead. Okay well mostly take the lead. Yes, NY is one of the toughest states to homeschool in according to requirements but when in the week, time of day and in what order is completely up to you. For us that’s awesome because I’m finishing my degree in Pastry arts while M is at home with Pop Pop. When I get home that’s when we get a bit more serious in our school work. Add in co ops and classes, that’s when it gets more strict in scheduling but there are so many things out there and offering of different times of day that you can make it work for you.

Example of our current schedule (I go by goals and not really being strict on time)

M’s schedule

Wake up, get dressed and have breakfast

iPad or LEGO challenge


iPad or Sensory time or free play


Time 4 Learning/ Worksheets

Netflix/Prime or YouTube based on topic


Activity time



More Netflix/Prime or YouTube or free play

Bedtime routine

Okay I know it seems like that’s a lot of screen time and it is, however I’m with him or Pop Pop. He’s limited in what’s approved for apps and watching during the day hours so he’s encouraged to learn. Do I feel guilty about how much he watches? Yes a bit but at least I’m making sure he’s learning, we are still learning subjects the D.O.E (Department of Education) require. He’s getting the one on one he needs and we are working on getting him back on track. Once I’m out of school and depending on my schedule with work, we will be able to do even more. I have lots of field trips in mind too.

So don’t worry about what your schedule might look like. Know the time you can sit down with your child, classes your planning on attending and working the curriculum and requirements into it.