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Hey guys and Welcome. Thanks for visiting. If you are here it’s because I’m offering freebies and Printables. Down below is organized by grade. I will be adding a lot more within the next few weeks. Please join our emailing list for updates. All links will take your directly to the printable for access.


Preschool Grade goals

Preschool Reading List

Pre- K

Pre – K Grade goals

Pre- K Reading List


Pre-K Social Studies

Pre-K Science

Pre-K Math


Kindergarten Grade Goals

Kindergarten Reading List

Kindergarten ELA

Kindergarten Social Studies

Kindergarten Science

Kindergarten Math

1st Grade

1st Grade Goals

1st Grade Reading list

1st Grade ELA

1st Grade Social Studies

1st Grade Science

1st Grade Math

2nd Grade

2nd Grade Goals

2nd Grade Reading List

2nd Grade ELA

2nd Grade Social Studies

2nd Grade Science

2nd Grade Math

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Goals

3rd Grade Reading List

3rd Grade ELA

3rd Grade Social Studies

3rd Grade Science

3rd Grade Math

4th Grade

4th Grade Goals

4th Grade Reading List

4th Grade ELA

4th Grade Social Studies

4th Grade Science

4th Grade Math

5th Grade

5th Grade Goals

5th Grade Reading List

5th Grade ELA

5th Grade Social Studies

5th Grade Science

5th Grade Math

6th Grade

6th Grade Goals

6th Grade Reading List

6th Grade ELA

6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Science

6th Grade Math

7th Grade

7th Grade Goals

7th Grade Reading List

7th Grade ELA

7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Science

7th Grade Math

8th Grade

8th Grade Goals

8th Grade Reading List

8th Grade ELA

8th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Science

8th Grade Math

9th Grade

9th Grade Goals

9th Grade Reading List

9th Grade ELA

9th Grade Social Studies

9th Grade Science

9th Grade Math

10th Grade

10th Grade Goals

10th Grade Reading List

10th Grade ELA

10th Grade Social Studies

10th Grade Science – Chemistry

10th Grade Math – Algebra

11th Grade

11th Grade Goals

11th Grade Reading list

11th Grade ELA

11th Grade Social Studies – American History

11th Grade Science – Physics

11th Grade Math – Pre Calculus

12th Grade

12th Grade Goals

12th Grade Reading List

12th Grade ELA

12th Grade Social Studies – Government and Economics

12th Grade Science – Anatomy

12th Grade Math – Calculus

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Harry Potter Minecraft

Space Minecraft

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Around the World – European Foods

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