Frozen in Minecraft

Paired with our Frozen Movie Night, we went with a Frozen Minecraft lesson. We focused mostly on ELA but fit Geography and a bit of math in as well.

So there were 3 mods we were able to find Frozen based Mods. The first one was most like the first film. You can even count the rock trolls.

The second had Giant characters and only Elsa’s Ice Castle.

And the Third was a very small version of the First but had Frozen and a Snowflake floating in the sky.

Matthew really enjoyed being in Arendelle and playing as Elsa and Anna on the skins we found as well. But even cooler was that he learned that Arendelle in Frozen was based off the city of Arendal in Norway.

Just looking at the pictures really shows how inspired the Animators were for the film. The great thing is that you can learn much more about how Frozen II was made in the Disney + Series Into the Unknown: Making of Frozen II.

I hope you all have as fun as we did exploring and learning more about Norway.

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