I was planning on writing and scheduling this post but it was seriously perfect timing with getting plants from our neighbor and an email from our summer garden class. Funny how things work out like that.

Now I take a month or more to do our gardening theme since there’s a lot to it. We go through planting, plant life cycles and identify plants and their parts. I also take half the time to talk about Bugs and Insects and how they help, but that will be sorted into its own theme.

So we did attempt to do our Garden lesson late March with the beautiful weather but then came April with frost and rain which killed our seeds. It was perfect timing when our neighbor posted a Facebook post about having plants to give away. So we took a walk down to the farm and got some Tomato plants and Cauliflower (Thank you Deb). Matthew was so excited too. We also learned a bit more about what they were planting in the field, and excited to see it grow (not going to be thrilled about the smell as we are down wind) but we will manage.

On our way back Matthew noticed a small driveway also owned by the farm with old farm equipment so he wanted to take a quick look.

And since I new and saw there was the invasive Bamboo, well he had a lesson on how some plants are bad and can hurt the land and over take it.

Invasive Bamboo

We won’t be planting our plants outside this weekend but we will be potting them and keeping them inside until it’s nice out.

I had also planned on use our food scraps to grow food as well. So we will see how that goes. I’m the type with a black thumb, I’m very bad with plants. Unless it’s easy or type of cactus, which we have upstairs.

Now I get that many are apartment living, so what do you do about gardening with kids? Well we have done it in our preschool classroom when we taught, we put the plants in the window but I’ve also looked into and tried some of the products linked below.

We used these books to learn more, you can find the complete list of Garden Themed Books, right here.

And these are the videos we used as well, these YouTube channels are on our YouTube list in our science section.

And after another month of letting this post sit in my draft section. We just repotted our Tomato plants for the third time. Tomatoes have begun to grow and Matthew is super excited to finally see the fruits of his labor. In fact we are already talking about giving him a section of the yard to create a beautifully planned garden.