Guide to Exploration in Minecraft

It’s #MinecraftMonday and this week I’m using the book Guide to: Exploration by Mojang to give you all a bit more of information. Now granted I did already cover a few of these topics and added our spin to it so you can check out the Biome and Mining lessons by clicking the links.

Now if you want to buy your own version of the book, you absolutely can here. I do earn a commission when you click on it for qualifying purchases through Amazon.

This book is basically divided into 4 sections; an intro, Minecraft Landscape, Mobs, and Survival. I will be skipping the intro, and some parts we will plan on going deeper into in other lessons, but this is a great getting started/ introductory lesson and resource.

So there are some naturally generated structures in Minecraft you will find as you play which include the abandoned Minecraft, desert temple, dungeon, jungle temple, igloo, ocean monument,NPC Village, Stronghold and the Woodland Mansion. All of which you can see examples of below. Use these to your advantage weather in creative, adventure or survival mode. I do suggest that if you are new, or strictly doing lessons, it is best off to be in creative.

The book then goes into the types of Mobs there are with information on each. I will be deep diving into that later but for now I want to show you the differences in what is considered a passive mob, neutral mob and a hostile mob.

Neutral Mobs include: chicken. bat, pig. sheep, ocelot, rabbit, squid, horse, cow, moohroom, llama and the different types of villagers.

Then there are neutral mobs, meaning their behaviors will vary. These include the wolf, polar bear, spider, and the enderman.

Lastly, Hostile Mobs are the mobs best known in Minecraft to try and kill you in the game. If you are in creative mode they can not, you can also make them go away in the settings. These include zombies, creepers, skeletons, skeleton horseman, guardian variations, silverfish, endermine, witch, slime and Illagers.

The last chapter covers surviving in minecraft through the survival mode which includes how to things work, make things, farm and a few other things. As I said I will be diving more into certain topics, most of these will be included.

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