Hamilton Minecraft Edition

It is Monday and we have been doing a lot of music lessons personally over here. My son absolutely loves listening to either country music or Disney songs. Well while this isn’t directly Disney, Hamilton is a Broadway play that is on Disney +. We took the opportunity to watch it again to have more conversations about Alexander Hamilton and. his contribution as a founding father, especially as we are using this month to dig deeper into the American Revolution. That being said we used this lesson to cover visual art, music, history and ingeography.

After watching the musical on Disney,, granted it would have been far better to take him in person, it can be expensive and is not currently accessible for us to drive back into NYC, to see a show, we used this minecraft mod to explore the stage.

Then we covered broadway and show terms such as stage left, stage right, center stage, lighting cues, musical cues, and more. Next week we plan on doing a similar lesson with Phantom of the Opera. We will see you next week.

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