Happy Earth Day

So today is Earth day, well when we wake up. I didn’t plan much but it is a Wednesday which means it’s our virtual field trip/ art/ music and gym day.

What does that mean? Honestly not all that much I’m doing this last minute, haha just kidding. My plan was to watch the Disney Nature documentaries and using AMNH as they celebrate virtually.

The books we will be reading are as follows:

I am Earth: An Earth Day Book for kids by James McDonald

The Earth Book by Todd Parr

How to help the earth by the Lorax by Trish Rabe

What a waste: Trash, Recycling and protecting our planet by Jess French

Earth day, Birthday! By Maureen Wright

I will be showing M how during this pandemic, the earth is healing itself. Look at these before and after pictures.

We are going to color this Earth, thanks to the blog Crafts on Sea

We already started our garden which hopefully can be saved since our weather has been crazy but we are going to plant food scraps and other seeds to begin indoors

And we will talk about why we love earth and what it provides, as well as what we can do as our part to keep it healthy.

Normally I do a treat as well but I have no energy trying to add that in while attempting to work too but there are a lot out there. Lots of ideas on Pinterest. I hope we continue to be kinder on our Earth and treat our home better.

Happy Earth day