Happy Lammas or Lughnasadh

Happy beginning of August. Yes today is August 1st meaning first day of harvest. Lammas is the Anglo-Saxon word for ‘Loaf Mass’ and Lughnasadh is the Gaelic name for ‘Lugh’s Gathering.’ Both terms celebrate the first of the harvest and being thankful for the fruits of labor. It is a celebration in paganism. There are many different branch’s of paganism throughout history and all over the globe but every single one celebrates Nature and is grateful for our Earth.

Lammas is celebrated within the northern hemisphere like England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and America (although not as common).

Ways to celebrate Lammas is to

1. Do a home blessing- we sage our home to rid of negativity, rid the bad vibes, our lack of confidence, feeling weak and unsuccessful. We want to set the next season up for happiness and success.

2.Bake bread – Lammas was always using the first harvest of grain to make fresh bread. Bread isn’t quick or easy but be appreciative of how your ingredients are grown

3. Pick sunflowers – we no longer have a sung,over farm near us so next year we will attempt to grow our own Sunflowers are tall, strong and beautiful.

4. Make fresh popcorn- yes harvesting includes corn, use kernels to make your own. You can even season it.

5. Canning – preserve your harvest. Mush of what you save is used throughout winter and will be appreciated.

6. Decorate for harvest or fall

7. Light your festival candles- use shades of yellow and orange

8. Use gemstones to decorate and protect. – most commonly used are carnelian, citrine, aventurine, go,den topaz, obsidian and moss agate.

9. Cleanse your energy stones in the sunlight. A couple of hours will do the job.

10. Gather seeds for the spring

Learn more by doing a little bit of your own research

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