Hawkeye Movie Night

We are binging the Hawkeye series for our #movienightfriday right in time for the holidays. Now what is ironic is that when Hawkeye was filmed in Rockefeller Center, the tree came from Oneonta, which is right around the area we now live. And the little owl that took a long ride in the tree was released just as the show was released on Disney +. We actually bought our own little owl stuffed animal to raise money for the rehabilitation center and hide it in our Christmas tree now.

Anyway, since Hawkeye was mainly set in New York City, specifically Rockefeller center and Alphabet city, we just enjoyed our memories of visiting those areas back when we lived in Manhattan.

Then we had more traditional New York food because we do miss the city life, and easy access to take out, since our official move back in August.


mushroom carbonara with pancetta  – The Six figure dish

Mushroom Carbonara with Pancetta

“Spice up your weeknight meals with this delicious mushroom carbonara with pancetta pasta dinner! Tasty pancetta is cooked in white wine until golden and crispy, then mixed with mushrooms, shallots and lots of garlic. This heavenly mixture is then tossed into spaghetti and covered in carbonara sauce! Honestly, this is one of my favorite weeknight meals to make because my husband and kids lick their plates clean! If you enjoyed this easy mushroom carbonara with pancetta recipe, you’ll definitely love this Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta and this Jerk Shrimp Rasta Pasta for busy week nights or special occasions.” – Danielle

air fryer corn dogs – The Six figure Dish

Air fryer corn dogs made from scratch.

“These air fryer corn dogs are such a treat to make! All beef hot dogs are dipped into a homemade batter then cooked in the air fryer until perfectly golden. Skip the deep frying, for a healthier version of corn dogs that the entire family will love. If you enjoyed this made from scratch air fryer corn dog recipe, you will definitely love these Air Fryer Hamburgers and these Air Fryer Shrimp Fajitas.” – Danielle

The Richest and Creamiest New York-Style Cheesecake I’ve Ever Made – Christina’s Cucina

Slice of Creamy New York-style Cheesecake best recipe

This is the best recipe I’ve found for the richest and creamiest New York-style cheesecake that I’ve ever made. I bet you’ll find the same thing, too.” – Christina

The Best Cheesecake Recipe (Eggless) – Sugar Spice N Everything Nice


This is the BEST Eggless Cheesecake recipe you will ever try! This easy eggless New York Style Cheesecake is wonderfully creamy, silky, and melts in your mouth, just like the traditional cheesecake.” – Akshita


Vegan fried cauliflower served with a dip

“Learn how to make the perfect Vegan Fried Cauliflower with the crispiest, most flavorful crunchy outside with moist and juicy well seasoned inside. Tender bits of cauliflower are marinated in soy milk and seasoning, later tossed in flour and deep-fried until super crispy and golden. They are so delicious and fun to make.” – Hawwa

How to Make Homemade Bagels the Easy Way (The Bread Machine Does the Hard Work!) – Tikkido

Homemade bagels made with an easy bagel recipe, on a white marble surface.

“Homemade bagels are surprisingly easy to make (especially if you let a bread machine do the work of making the dough for you).  And these bagels taste SO much better than any store bought bagels I’ve ever had (and I used to live in New York).  Don’t get me wrong, I had great bagels there.  But this easy bagel recipe is AMAZING.” – Nikki

New York-Style Thin Crust Pizza – Food Folks and Fun

Serving up a slice of NY Style Pizza

“Finally, a thin-crust pizza recipe that tastes just like you got it from your favorite New York Pizzeria. Come learn how to make the best New York Style Pizza!” – Jillian


Seared New York strip steak served in garlic butter.

This New York strip steak is seared steak that’s cooked to golden brown, then topped with a garlic and herb butter. An easy dinner recipe that tastes like it came from a steakhouse, but can be made in the comfort of your own home.” – Sara


A slice of chicken Alfredo pizza with bacon and fresh tomatoes.

This chicken Alfredo pizza is a golden brown crust topped with creamy sauce, plenty of melted cheese, chicken, crispy bacon and fresh tomatoes. A unique twist on the classic pizza recipe that’s sure to get rave reviews!” – Sara

Chicken Riggies Recipe – Spicy Pasta Dish – Ottawa Mommy Club

Chicken Riggies Recipe

“After googling a few chicken recipes, I came across a Chicken Riggies Recipe that really intrigued me. This is a dish that is popular in central New York, USA, and many popular pizzerias. It is very popular and there are many different variations that can be found on all the popular food blogs. I could not wait to give this a try. ” -Lyne

Quick and Easy Taco Pizza Rolls – Confessions of Parenting

taco pizza rolls on a white plate with taco toppings

“Taco Pizza rolls are the perfect combination of two great weeknight meals: pizza and tacos! These tasty taco pizza roll ups are the best busy-night meal or quick party snack.” – Michele

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches – Confessions of Parenting

tray of cookie ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles and chocolate chips

“These Ice cream sandwiches are a classic! With soft chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream, you’ll be looking for any excuse to make homemade ice cream sandwiches after trying this recipe! ” – Michele

Club Sandwich Recipe – Healthy Recipes 101

Club Sandwich Recipe

“Today’s healthy club sandwich recipe is one of the easiest recipes here on HealthyRecipes101.com. It takes minimal effort and less than 20 minutes to make. Whether you want to create picnic memories or perk up your National Sandwich Day(November 3) dining, this sandwich will do the trick.” – Luna

Healthy Waldorf Chicken Salad Recipe – Healthy Recipes 101

Healthy Waldorf Chicken Salad Recipe

“Our healthy Waldorf chicken salad recipe is an easy, healthy recipe that you can whip up in just 30 minutes. Perks of making this salad? No effort, no waiting, and a story to tell others! (That is, if you have guests.)” – Luna

Vegan Black and White Cookies – How to bake vegan

black and white cookies on a rack

“These vegan black & white cookies are an elegant dessert and are relatively easy to make. Two batches of frosting give them their two-toned colour, and lemon in the cookie dough adds a nice tang.  – Jhanelle

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