Homeschool Binder

Alright I know there a lot of newbies out there that are concerned about making sure your children are being educated. Look I totally get it. First let’s start with your state laws. Google your state with HSLDA to find out. If you are in NY like I am I will have a post about the requirements but you can print them out yourself. This will help you know what your IHIP (individualized home instruction plan) needs, aka curriculum and subjects to cover. This binder is more for me than M. This way I know what the plan/worksheets and what we are covering. But I do like to have worksheets ready to go by week that are not in his workbooks. So here is my list for my binder:

1. State Laws


3. Grade Goals, which you can find by clicking each grade, or on the printable page

4. Reading list and list of resources, I am updating these and creating Printables, so check back soon.

5. Calendar by month. This is where I plan out which pages, fieldtrips and our curriculum out by the week

Pink and Purple 2020 Calendar

School themed/ Blue and Yellow 2020 Calendar

6. Attendance sheet

7. This is where I divide by subject and store the worksheets, I’m still organizing this part but I have a stack I know to cover per subject.This can be a file or space in your binder but I like to store his work just in case we need a portfolio or to see where we need work.

Our Homeschooling binder will be posted on our YouTube channel so tune in soon to watch and I’ll have copies of documents to print as well