Homeschooling Consultation

Are you looking to homeschool and feel completely lost? Do you need someone to take you step by step because no matter how many articles you read you just feel overwhelmed?
Let me help you find your place. I walk you through the 5 simple steps to homeschooling, help you write up the New York State paperwork, which includes:

LOI (Letter of Intent)

IHIP (Individualized Home Instruction Plan)

the 4 Quarterly reports

End of the year report

Written assessment or help you find the right assessment test for your child

My consultation fee is $60 per a family.

I also create custom curriculums for children based on what your goals, interest, and grade of the child and I will work with you throughout the year to tailor the curriculum if things aren’t working.
Starting price is $30 per a family.

If you still are hesitant, please join our Homeschooling in NYC FB group or Contact me via the form below to get started.