Homeschooling during COVID 19

I feel like this is necessary to speak on. I understand everyone’s concerns, cabin fever and frustration but I also want to make this brutally clear to ease your mind as well. This is a very unusual circumstances. Distant learning from the schools is not really homeschooling. Let’s not confuse the two. The schools put little to no consideration to what is best for the kids. Kids are anxious too. Teachers are forced to go by the administrations instructions and sitting in front of the computer for 4-5 hours or more at any age just isn’t effective. I can see all of you complaining on social media and you are 100% correct. Please, do yourself, your children and the teachers a favor and contact the administration to let them know it is not feasible. Kids need to be active and be imaginative. This is a time to use as a bonding with the family. Kids will continue to learn and absorb with out being propped in front of the computer. Also i advise emailing the teachers that its too much. Ive heard a few schools adjusting so its only 3 subjects a day (I believe it was middle school or high school grade) that has made it more feasible. However none of them were in New York.

Okay now that I was able to vent, I think i can help. It’s okay to take time off. It’s okay to withdraw from the school to homeschool during this time and renter (not a guarantee but with this pandemic your chance is likely higher). It’s okay to NOT be okay. Instead of being on the computer try watching a movie, reading books, playing music, do yoga or meditation, create art, get cooking. There are so many things you can do to learn, have fun and not be on google classroom or zoom. Let the kids get imaginative. You got this moms, dads, grandparents or whomever is dealing with kids during this time. Sending you all the love and healing possible.