Homeschooling Paperwork

Many of you are here because you will be continuing to homeschool due to the COVID -19 or have always wanted to homeschool. Now as far as I know the state of New York and New York City have the same regulations, it is who you report to that are different. Double check but in New York State it depends on the district on who you report to but pretty sure it’s the superintendent. As for New York City, you will be reporting to the NYC homeschooling office.

You can mail all your paperwork to

Office of Home Schooling
333 Seventh Avenue, Floor 7
New York, NY 10001

Or email other then your LOI (letter of intent) which is to be sent to

Letter of a Intent

Begin with your Letter of Intent. You can send it anytime if you are pulling your child out of school but let the office know that you are registered in a public school. You have 14 days between withdrawing from school and when the letter of intent to be received. Otherwise send if your child turned 6 or is older by July 1. You need to do this every year you intend to be homeschooling. Here is an example I use. Feel free to copy and paste and change for your info

Parent Name


New York, NY Zipcode


Central Office of Homeschooling

333 Seventh Avenue – 7th Floor

New York, NY  10001

Dear Homeschooling Manager;

RE: Name of Child


date of birth:

grade level:

This letter provides written notice of our intention to educate our child, (Child’s name) , at home for the coming school year, 2019 – 2020 (school year).


Parent name


Your name


Alternate telephone:

Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP)

After you receive your packet, which has a copy of the regulations as well as an example of how you can format it, you have four weeks to return. Or August 15th for those that are planning on beginning of the school year. Below is a picture of our 1st grade IHIP by the regulations.

If you plan on year round or sending your quarterly reports at different dates please list them on the IHIP

Quarterly Reports

4 times a year you will send a short paragraph about how your child during that time. Those dates are November 15th, January 31st, April 15th and June 30th unless you specified other dates. Your Report should read as followed:

End of the year Assessment

Until you begin testing, your assessment should look similar to below. And be sure to check the regulation page.