Homeschooling with an IEP/IESP

Maybe you already read my article about homeschooling with special needs children? If not I’ll link it here.

Let’s start off with what IEP vs IESP.

IEPInstructional Education Program

A plan is compiled by a team (social worker, parent, teacher, and service providers) to ensure the child (your child) is getting what he or she needs in the classroom through services and other support needed for the individual.

IESP – Individualized Education Services Program

It is similar to an IEP but only guaranteeing that services will be provided. Everything else (like education) will be on the parent of guardian.

Now M has had an IEP since he was 3. He was evaluated by district providers, who all agreed that he needed speech and occupational therapy. They also said (unofficially as they can’t diagnose) that he has sensory processing disorder and Autism but to get that evaluation through a developmental pediatrician, so we did. Our Doctor confirmed SPD, ASD and added ADHD and General Anxiety. Now when he went to school, the school had speech and occupational therapists who worked with him. They were great. For a year and a half while in public, he improved, and graduated out of OT (Horray!). However when I pulled him out to homeschool, we lost our services and couldn’t get a hold of the office. We also let the homeschooling office (NYC Homeschooling Office) know but nothing happened. So he hasn’t had his services in a little over a year. Now thankfully, M is still doing great, but could absolutely still use speech. So at the next meeting (ha it’s today), I’m asking for the list of RA and to double the Speech for the year to make up for time lost.

Did I get it? Keep reading

Before I answer that, I also wanted and well he needs a re-evaluation as he hasn’t had one since his turning 5.

But what I want to warn, or vent, whichever you may see it, is that for weeks I’ve been going back and forth with our IESP social worker. She’ll ask a question, or for a document. I respond but a lot of what she asked for is not required of NYS homeschoolers, like report cards, or assessments (at least not of a child going into 2nd). I’ve broken down each subject. I’ve given her our Quarterly reports, Grade Goals and how he’s doing in each subject. Heck I’ve laid it out so easy to understand and yet, it’s over her head. It’s frustrating. Thankfully my mom, whose a Highschool social worker in NYC, said “don’t give her anymore. You laid it out for her and she doesn’t want to do the footwork.” How sad is that. We fight for our kids daily and all this over email.

Anyway, my mom was think me and the answer to the “Did I get it?” is yes, yes we did. We upped his speech to 3 times a week and added a SETSS teacher (Special Education Teacher Support Services) to utilize for reading support. Overall our meeting went well, the Social Worker was just being thorough so I appreciate that. Things can get jumbled and misunderstood in emails and texts but over our Google Meets, it was much clearer.

Now on to find more Minecraft books.