How to Color Chocolate

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Continuing our chocolate themed #Tuesday Tips, today we will be talking about coloring chocolate. Last week we discussed Tempering Chocolate. and the week prior we spoke about the different types of chocolate, this week is equally important when working with chocolate. There are several ways to color chocolate but it is also very easy to mess up your chocolate causing it to seize up.

The topic of How to Color chocolate comes up so often in the Chocolate and Baking groups, its not even funny. With it just having been Valentines day and with Easter and Mothers day, two of the next big holidays in chocolate sales .

Painting using Coca Candy Colors

So it is important to note, as I mentioned above, Chocolate can easily seize up. If you are going to do coloring, use Candy colors. It is cocoa butter based. You can color the white chocolate when you bring it back down in the tempering process. You can also paint directly on to you molds. It will give two different effects based on what you are doing.

Candy Melt Method

You can also use Candy Melts to color your chocolate as well. You can also melt and paint or color into your molds.

Powdered Sugar Method

And lastly, you can use colored powdered sugar and cocoa butter to color molds. Like this one below which is from Jacques Torres.

In this process you airbrush the cocoa butter into your mold. Using a sifter or a metal colander, sprinkle the colored powdered sugar one color at a time and once your design is done you re airbrush the cocoa butter and allow it to set before molding your chocolate.

As you can see they give off different effects. And there will be imperfections no matter which method, you just do your best to avoid them, even in chocolate factories. Next week we will cover different types of candy. If you are interest in a chocolate class please comment down below.

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