How to eat healthy and what does it entail?

Now I’m sure some of you have been following us for awhile, thank you. For those that are new, welcome. Yes we aren’t the healthiest but if you follow us on Instagram (@matthewskitchennyc and @alexandraneznamy, or our YouTube channel: The Neznamy Chrinicles) you will see that we have been personally focused on choosing healthier foods. I, as a mom and a role model, have weight to lose. And the kiddo, well most kids in America need to eat better overall.

Does it seem daunting? Yes, sometimes it can. Lots of veggies, fruits and proteins and less carbs and saturated fats but it doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself completely from foods you enjoy. It’s about moderation and with the information out there these days, it’s pretty easy to find a healthier delicious recipe to copycat your favorite unhealthy foods. However my philosophy isn’t that we are dieting (or well for myself), it’s a lifestyle change. It’s a family deal.

So where do you start? I stated by tracking what I’ve been eating using MyFitnessPal (allynez718 if you want to add me) and seeing what I’m eating, how much, many calories and I can even check the macros of where I’m at. I slowly started replacing the carbs with more nutrient dense meals that are filling, less calories and still delicious.

After a while I began meal planning, this is where I’m at now. I haven’t perfected it but I have ideas of meals for the week and I’ve began prepping my lunch so it’s easy to heat up and work. Some people prep breakfast lunch and dinner, which is awesome but not totally doable with a family, especially all sitting down together.

So what does it entail? Well besides meal planning and prepping. I researched what was best for our bodies, to replace those unhealthy snacks. I began choosing fruits, cheese and trailmix). I also knew how many calories I need to lose the excess weight by using the TDEE Calculator. It’s fairly easy to say but a lot harder when it comes to motivation and finding out what recipes you enjoy. I will be adding many more healthier recipes up, as well as still enjoying the pastries for the occasional treat or holiday fun.

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