How to enjoy Homeschooling as a parent

Well I was going to begin this article with explaining how this distant learning is not actually homeschooling but I’m going to save that for another time. If you haven’t read through some of my other articles, I’ve mentioned it before. Now being forced to quarantine I understand why people are frustrated and hating this. Homeschooling is not for everyone. Add on working whether its from home or being an essential worker during this time can make things even harder. Realistically we need to enjoy our time together and make the best to ride it out as we stay safe. So here are my tips to enjoying being a homeschooler that will hopefully help you too.

1. Relax, you can use a schedule if it helps you. We have a basic one but honestly we rarely follow it. Work gets done

2. Read books, watch movies, play games, explore topics. Everything can be used as a learning experience. Frame questions about it, including video games. It also helps to bond as a family for social and emotional health, which we need now more than ever.

3. Share your hobbies with your kids or let them share with you. As i said above its okay to not only focus on worksheets, workbook etc.

4. Take a fun class. Now so many are offering free classes or low cost. Take advantage of it. Try something new

5. Follow your child’s lead. Instead of pressuring your child on the standards, let your child pick a topic and research it. Create your own game, picture, watch videos.

6. Take breaks, its okay to take time off. Put on music, do an art project, take time for yourself. Don’t feel bad about it.

7. Get cooking, cleaning, home projects. It helps build life skills but you can learn more than just being independent.

Remember this is a tough time on everyone. If your curriculum isn’t working, its okay to switch it up. If you are registered with a school its okay to switch to homeschooling, just be sure to know your state laws and the proper paper work. As long as you are working with your kids, it will work out. Use their strengths to their advantage. It will all end up okay. And don’t worry if you do only an hour 6 hours of public school = 1 hour homeschooling. You got this.