How to Meal Prep

It’s Tuesday meaning it is that time again, #TuesdayTips is here. Last week we talked about Meal Planning and the week prior Budgeting. Today we will be getting into Meal Prep. It’s the first full week of January so I’m sure many of you have resolutions to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle, am I right?

Meal Prepping will help you accomplish those goals, will help you make your life easier, and will help you visually see what you will have in a week.

Now most people prep for

7 breakfasts

7 Lunches

7 Dinners

and some add a snack or two a day.

That is a lot to think about but if you have your plan, it will be easier. I see most people set one day to plan and shop and a second to just cook and divide it so they are prepared for the week.

As you can see you can have variety but many tend to eat very similar for a couple of meals just to make sure calories end up the same or very close. It gives a consistency to keep healthy. It saves on prep time to make ahead, plus when you are busy with work or school, its all laid out ready to be warmed up if necessary and eaten.

How to Prep

  1. Start with your plan and get your ingredients out. When you know what you are having and when, you can mark it and make as much as needed.

2. Ready your containers. Whether you are doing 3 meals a day or just prepping for 1-2, proper containers are necessary with easy access

3. Prep Sides and snacks, have a variety that you like but can pair well with the main part of your meal. Having fruits, veggies and quinoa as options is major. You want to make sure your meals are also well balanced.

4. Prep the main portion for your meals to divide. That could be anything from Chicken, to Fish to anything you like.

5. Add all parts to your containers and store in the fridge.

Sounds a lot simpler than starting to work it. Many people choose 2-3 recipes per week just for a variety but they can eat it multiple days. It helps save on cooking later, groceries and if you are working on being healthier, or have a healthier goal, this is going to help you succeed but you need to keep at it. You got this and here is a round up of Meal Prep Recipe here.

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