How to Organize your Kitchen

So yes our website is primarily for the younger crowd but I also have things for you moms, dad, and adults. I’ve lived in this house for almost 20 years now and while we do reorganize about twice a year as well going through spices, and boxed items to check expiration dates. This is so important because food goes bad, stale or can have bugs. Double check it all. The same thing goes with refrigerated and freezer food. Yes its cool but food still spoils. You can prevent food borne illness, which we talked about in our last #TuesdayTips.

Apologies ahead of time on my pictures of my kitchen and organization. I don’t have the best lighting for photos, which is why when I do a behind the Scenes post, you will see our trips on how we have been doing better with our photography. 

Firstly. I take like items together, Flours, Chocolate tools, pans etc. I do each are little by little unless I’m moving things around (which happens on occasion). It does take me about a day and a half to get through my kitchen. I do go slow but if you have a smaller kitchen, it should be easier.

I just redid my whole pastry area. I promise you that portion won’t get so bad for you or this much, unless this is your hobby or part of your business.

As you can see I added a shelving unit in my basement (everything was sanitized and placed in bins while not in use) and organized by like projects or tools. So Chocolate molds are divided into two bins, one for holidays and one for general, with any chocolate tools needed. Cookie cutters, packaging, fondant tools and everything else follows. I would like to add labels on just make sure I don’t forget.

The second place I dive into is my 2nd (yes 2nd) cupboard. This is where all my baking ingredients are stored, a few unusual baking pans and some decor we use.

Third place I organize is my main pantry. This is where all my spices are organized, and any processed foods (aka box or packaged) we use. Okay not all of it but the bigger items. Our Serving plates are stored on the bottom though. I do keep a list of which spices I have in alphabetical order so I don’t have to go crazy looking for something we don’t have, although we have a lot so likelihood is we have it.

Onto shelving. I usually don’t touch the cups and plates shelves other than a wipe down and putting cleaned plates and cups away.

We also have 2 Cabinets to more food which are filled as you can see with sauces, marinades and more packaged foods.

The rest of our cabinets have kitchen tools, pots, pan and bakeware other than this one, which also has my coffee syrups.

We not only make sure all items that are like wise are together, we check dates. Anything past we throw out, anything getting old, will be put forward on shelves or pulled out to use so we can just get rid of it. It is important to make sure you are being safe. If you know you won’t be using unopened packaged goods that haven’t expired, you can also donate them to those in need.

The last little bit is putting away anything that is drying, or needs to be put away. Counter spaces wiped down, including behind appliances, making sure all appliances are cleaned, one included. This I do way more than twice a year but I also do it especially these days when we have everything out to reorganize. I also Wipe down my fridge and go through the fridge to make sure it is all good as well. Having a clean and organized space is major important for your physical and mental health.

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