Lemon Butter Chicken with Pasta

Gosh this recipe came to me a few months ago, don’t remember whether it was late February or early March. Another love for lemon. I know, but this one just came to me. My dad and I were contemplating on what to make for dinner one night and it just popped in my head. Well I was actually inspired by the Chicken Piccata from Trader Joe’s. That meal is so delicious. Great now as I type this I wish we had some in the house. Back to my story, I started craving the chicken piccata, but there’s no Trader Joe’s up where I am (Delhi NY). The closest is an hour and a half away in Albany. And since I wasn’t in our apartment in NYC I came up with this recipe.

Ever since that first time, we keep making it. The smell of the chicken cooking in the lemon sauce is so fresh and airy. It’s creamy and yet light. I admit I snack on some of the chicken as I cook, even Matthew loves to help, or steal some cooked chicken. That’s when you know it’s good. He gives his honest opinion even when it’s not the nicest. But he loves this dish and it’s perfect for all year round but especially in the spring and summer when you can get fresh lemons.

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