Log cabin Minecraft Lesson

It is #MinecraftMonday, it is also our official Moving day. Woot. Now I am still in New York, and will be returning to the city on occasion. However, I am now based in central New York in the Catskills.

We have been up here unofficially since March 2020 when the pandemic began. We have had this house for a long time but never live in it full time. We have really only used it for weekends, summers and other holidays. As you can see in the photos below, New York is not all about the city life. in fact most of the state is mountains and farmland. Some of the oldest homes built in America were log cabins. Now my house was built in 1990 but it has a little old school feel with a little modern flare. You get glimpses when I do the Monday night lives on Facebook.

Anyway, below are two mods you can explore. The first was eh okay in our opinion.

And so was the second.

So I challenged Matthew to build his own log cabin. All outside walls, roof and floor much be wood with a fireplace of stone. The pictures below were his inspiration besides our home.

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