Meet the Robinsons Movie Night

It’s a Meet the Robinsons #movienightfriday, with a flare for the future. I didn’t have much of an idea where this was going when we first started. While I have spoken to my own child about foster care and adoption, as an adoptee and the implications it has on the family, I didn’t find that this film portrays much of it accurately other than wanting to know your story. However, that is a really depressing lesson and we wanted a bit more of an upbeat need with lots of family health issues going on, we ended up doing an architecture lesson with how the building looked in the future.

Then we explored a futuristic map in minecraft, then used legos to crate our own weird looking buildings.

We hope this lesson inspires you, especially on a day when you are feeling ill and need more time for rest.


How to Make Meatballs (Italian Meatball Recipe) – Christina’s Cucina

plate with meatballs and parsley on it

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Vertical photo of air fried chickpeas in a black bowl. Topped with fresh parsley.

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Grilled Turkey Sausage and Summer Greens Pizza

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Crispy Roast Turkey Recipe

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