Minecraft Airport

It is #MinecraftMonday and we had a blast exploring planes and airports. Now truthfully, Matthew has never been on a plane to fly somewhere. The only time he has been on a real plane was during Fleet Week back in 2016. Not the planes that are usually on display on the Intrepid, but there were two other ships and a plane that were only there for that weekend. Matthew was so excited to explore it all, even at the age of 3.

So, we recalled that experience and I did offer to take Matthew to an airport to check out planes (from afar) but he wasn’t really into that idea. We did VR a plane, and played some simulation games off the iPad.

Then we went off to explore and build in Minecraft. First one we found was Airforce One, which is the United States President’s plane. This one was really cool to explore especially.

We looked more into it before moving on to how airports look and how they run. Now there is a show called Airline which is on A&E. You can find episodes on YouTube but they mostly cover the drama that happens with customers.

Then we looked at pictures of all sizes of airports. We have passed by several but like I said, he has never stepped foot in one, yet. Hopefully one day we can. Off we went to explore in Minecraft. I forgot which mod he had found that had the airport, which you could actually fly the planes and helicopters, but it wasnt the one below. It was still a fun lesson though.

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