Minecraft Biomes

It’s #MinecraftMonday and today we are covering biomes. Biomes are considered a community of plants and animals in a certain climate, has life-forms characteristic of that place. For instance, the plants and animals that inhabit the Amazon rainforest are completely distinct from those in the Arctic tundra. However, not everyone agrees on exactly what constitutes a biome and defining them presents a challenge.

The number of biomes that exist is debated by scientists. While some aspects of the definition are widely agreed upon (climate and resident life), some definitions broaden to include factors like biodiversity and human activity. Although definitions may not be consistent, several types of biomes typically emerge from the definitions: tundras, deserts, grasslands, deciduous forests, coniferous forests, tropical rainforests, and aquatic.

Tundra Biomes

The tundra are located at the northernmost parts of the globe and is defined by long, cold winters and cool summers. The animals and plants that reside here have evolved adaptations that allow them to survive in this frigid environment, such as thick fur and the ability to hibernate.

Desert Biomes

Located in both cold and warm climates across the globe, deserts are defined by their dryness, and life in these areas are adapted to a lack of water and nutrients.

Grassland Biomes

The grassland biome, which is found on every continent except Antarctica, is characterized as being flat and grassy, with scant tree cover. Large mammals that graze, such as elephants or bison, inhabit these areas, along with small mammals, birds, and predators.

Coniferous Forest Biomes

These areas—known as taigas or boreal forests—experience long, cold winters, short summers, and heavy precipitation. Within this biome, the primary vegetation types are conifers and evergreen trees. Sometimes this category is split into another category, known as the temperate forest, which does not experience temperatures as cold. One example of this warmer forest would be the west coast of North America, a humid forest system home to redwoods and cedars.

Deciduous Forest Biomes

Located in eastern North America, Western Europe, and northeastern Asia, this biome is marked by broad-leafed trees, such as maple and oak, that lose their leaves seasonally as the temperatures begin to drop. Overall, these regions are temperate, but still have a distinct winter season.

Tropical Rainforest Biomes

These equatorial regions are warm and wet with diverse vegetation that forms a canopy. Leaf litter on the ground and the humid conditions create a layer of nutrients above the low-quality soil, which allows for the growth of a wide variety of vegetation. In fact, tropical rainforests are famous for hosting vast amounts of biodiversity.

Aquatic Biomes

There are numerous ways to classify aquatic biomes, and often freshwater and saltwater biomes are defined separately; factors used for classification include water depth, temperature, and salinity. The terrestrial biomes are typically classified by vegetation types, but this method can be difficult to apply to aquatic environments, which do not have as much visible plant life.

Now in Minecraft there are 8 biomes. They are Plain, Desert, Forest, Taiga, Savanna, Swamp, Ocean and Mesa.

To make this into a full lesson, research about each biome and use the natural resources to create a home. What animals would inhabit the area? What are the natural resources? What biome would your home be considered? And why

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