Minecraft Challenge

If you haven’t read why Minecraft is awesome and educational then I advise you do so first but I’m assuming you know that since you are here reading this, you already know all that. Anyway if you would like to be added onto our Minecraft server for this challenge as all the children will be working together. Add us at Matthewskitchen. Anyway here is the list by week they will be working on. I will add pictures as we go and more ideas. Anyway have fun building.

1. Replicate your home, whether its a house or an apartment building

2. Together create a town, add in stores, sidewalks and anything else your home needs

3. Build your lighthouse

4. Build a police station

5. Build a fire station

6. Build a farm and a graden

7. Replicate a landmark from your town, city or state

8. Create a greenhouse

7. Make a Treehouse village

9. Make a market

10. Create a library

11. Create an amusement park, design your favorite ride

12. Create a museum, work on your favorite exhibit

13. Make a movie theater

14. Make a Wild West town

15. Create a space center

16. Build a medieval castle

17. Build the great pyramids

18. Pick your favorite fairy tale and recreate a scene

19. Build a futuristic building

19. Build an ancient temple

20. Build an underwater palace/ Atlantis

21. Build the colloseum

22. Create Hogwarts

23. Create a underwater lab

24. Replicate the Eiffel Tower

25. Create a planet of your own

26. Create Hogwarts

27. Replicate the Taj Mahal

28. Build a pirate ship

29. Replicate the Titanic

30. Replicate the white white house

31. Create your dream Gingerbread house