Minecraft version of Tokyo Disney

It is #MinecraftMonday and while we are growing our Disney Facebook group (go join for film history, theories, reviews, trivia and recipes plus a whole lot of fun), we might as bring you a fun Disney day. Now unlock our previous Disney Minecraft lesson, we are now in Japan. Specifically we are at Tokyo Disneyland.

Above is a map of Japan and where Tokyo, Japan. But below is a picture of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea which are the two theme parks in Japan. Now it is not technically Disney but they do have a contract to use the name and characters.

Below I am adding two walkthrough videos of the parks, watch and make it feel like you are really there.

Now to bring it into Minecraft, we found this mod to download. It was fun exploring and figuring out which building/attraction was what.

Matthew then worked off research how exactly the park was like and recreating what was missing.

He then added what he would love to see.

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