Moana Movie Night

It’s a #movienightfriday and the start of the summer holiday here. When we think Summer, we think beach fun. Now granted I’m weird and usually do beach trips late fall into the early winter but not for swimming.

Anyway, Moana was set thousands of years ago when the Polynesians were traveling to different islands. Polynesians have lived on the islands in Oceania (close to Australia and New Zealand) but as time happened, some eventually made their way to Hawaii as well.

Moana took place on the island of Montonui, which was names after a real island but no one currently resides there. There are other islands that Disney animators used to use as inspiration for Moana, which include Tetiaroa, Samoa, Fiji, and Bora Bora.

Below are videos, activities and Polynesian based dishes to use in your lesson and movie night.


DIY Hawaiian Luau Decorations: Hawaiian Paper Lei (Cricut Craft) – Hawaii Travel with Kids

“Are you throwing a Hawaiian luau party this summer? Scroll to find out how to make your own paper lei Hawaiian luau decorations using a Cricut!” – Marcie

Hawaiian Plumeria Paper Flower Craft – Hawaii Travel with Kids

“Looking for a cute Hawaii craft to make? Keep scrolling for my Hawaiian Plumeria Paper Flower Craft tutorial!” – Marcie

Artificial Hawaiian Flower Wreath Tutorial – Hawaii Travel with Kids

“Are you planning a Hawaiian luau party and need some cheap Hawaiian luau decorations? Check out this DIY luau decoration tutorial on how to make an artificial Hawaiian flower wreath. Scroll for the full instructions!” – Marcie

Disney’s Moana Craft: Moana Paper Doll – Hawaii Travel with Kids

“Do your kids love watching Disney’s Moana? Learn how to make your own Moana paper doll with this super cute Moana craft. Scroll for the full instructions!” – Marcie

Fun Moana Activities! – Saving Your Dinero

“First, if your kids love to color, you can print out all these Moana coloring pages. You can also print out bookmarks from the movie and a fun memory match game.” – Janell

Moana Free Printables Coloring Pages – The Typical Mom

“Moana free printables are here including fun coloring pages and a free printable memory game too. Watch the trailer to this fun Disney movie you will love.” – Justine

Moana Coconut Fluffy Slime Recipe – Ruffles and Rain Boots

“This Moana coconut fluffy slime recipe is so easy to come together (even without Borax)! As part of our Moana movie night, this activity was the big winner. Watch the video to see how quickly it comes together.” – Sarah

Behind the Scenes With the Making of Moana – Two Kids and a Coupon

“So when you’re writing a tropical adventure story about a culture that’s never really been portrayed in a film, how do you tell the story and do it well? The answer is to head there in person.” – Kim

Free Printable Moana Coloring Sheets – Hispana Global

“Disney’s Moana is perfection. From the story, to the music, to the adorable characters, you and your child will certainly love it. Now you can have fun at home with these free printable coloring sheets featuring Moana, Maui, Pua and Hei Hei. Just click on each image, and print or save it. You can take a few printouts with you when you travel, so young kids will be entertained. You’re welcome!” – Jeanette

Moana Flower Easter Basket Tutorial – The Denver Housewife

“DIY Moana Easter Basket tutorial combines a grass skirt, tropical ferns, and Plumeria flowers to create a Hawaiian/Polynesian inspired Easter Basket for any little Moana Lover!” – Jamie

HAWAIIAN CHICKEN – Dinner at the Zoo

This recipe for Hawaiian chicken is chicken thighs that are flavored with a tropical coconut marinade then grilled to perfection. An easy dinner option that’s perfect for entertaining.” – Jacque

Moana Family Movie Night – Food, Crafts, and Fun – Ruffles and Rain Boots

“Set up a Moana family movie night with food, popcorn, crafts, printables, and fun. It’s all done for you and the kids will absolutely love it!” – Sarah

EASY GRILLED PINEAPPLE SLICES (2 WAYS!)- Dancing through the Rain

“This grilled pineapple slices recipe is going to be a new summertime treat! A fresh fruit recipe that can be an easy side dish or healthy dessert!” – Alli

Sticky Pineapple Hawaiian Grilled Wings – Ottawa Mommy Club

“You can do SO many yummy things with chicken wings. Not only that, it is one of the most affordable poultry choices available. This makes wings the perfect option for appetizers when you need to feed a hungry crowd think holiday party or tailgating event! This Sticky Pineapple Hawaiian Grilled Wings recipe yields one dozen sticky, tasty wings; however, it’s easy to adjust to make however many you think you need. Just make sure to supply plenty of napkins.” – Lyne

Hawaiian Sea Foam Punch Mocktail Recipe – Ottawa Mommy Club

“This Hawaiian Sea Foam Punch Mocktail recipe will be a big hit for kids of all ages!” – Lyne


“A fresh and fruity Hawaiian punch recipe for kids, made with coconut water. It’s a healthier alternative to soda-based fruit punch recipes!” – Stacey and Jennifer


“The Little Mermaid is one of our favorite movies and we are SO excited to hear talk of a Disney live-action remake in the works! These colorful Starfish Cookies are perfect to enjoy for a movie night or for a summer kids party!” – Stacey and Jennifer


“What is on your bucket list? One of my bucket list items is to travel to Hawaii one day. My whole family has lived in Hawaii, with the exception of me! Before I was born, my father was reassigned to an Air Force Base in the Midwest. So, my family packed up and jetted to the land of corn fields before I was fortunate enough to experience island life. As expected, living in Hawaii made a huge impact on my family. The Hawaiian culture has been celebrated by my family members for as long as I can remember. Since we aren’t traveling much at the moment, I decided to embark on a journey to Hawaii from the comfort of my kitchen. My King’s Hawaiian Bread French toast recipe will whisk you to the Hawaiian islands, if only for the morning.” – Alea

Pineapple Salsa – ifoodreal

“When I think of pineapple salsa, I think of hot summer days by the ocean scooping salsa with tortilla chips. I love the flavor combination of sweet pineapples with a spicy kick from the jalapeno peppers.” – Olena

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