Moon Knight Movie Night

Now this week’s #MovieNightFriday is more like a Marvel Binge of Moon Knight on Disney +. I do just want to give a full warning that this is really aimed towards older kids or kids that can handle scarier content. Also a warning that this show covers DID also known as Dissociative identity disorder, which can confuse some kids. We took the time to explain what DID is and how to have sympathy but also boundaries based on the person’s personality.

We also took the time to read the Moon Knight Comics on Marvel Unlimited.

Then we looked more into Egyptian history, which the show goes into. We also took a virtual tours of Ancient Egyptian Exhibits.

We then made traditional Egyptian food to really get a feel for the culture.



“Welcome back to Baking Bloggers and Improv Cooking Challenge for our September Challenges. I got really lucky that I could double up on this one, for Baking bloggers we baked something with Potatoes and for Improv Cooking Challenge we were asked to create something with Potatoes and Coriander. I went through quite a few ideas before settling on this delicious Egyptian recipe that my family, once again, gobbled up for dinner.” – Julli


“It’s Sunday Funday time, and this recipe is so much fun! I’ll confess I’ve wanted to make this one for years and just not made the time for it But this year was the time to change that! It’s such a fun way to use this seasons most famous vegetable. This dish is spiced, and warming, and decadent while staying much lighter than most pumpkin desserts. Also, I think it’s really cute in the individual dishes with the vanilla flecked sauce on top. This recipe is an Egyptian dish. It’s origins are unknown but it’s a staple in Egypt enjoyed in the fall.” – Juli

Cheese Stuffed Mummy Breadsticks – Hunny I’m Home

Cheese stuffed mummy breadsticks made with crescent rolls

“You guys know how much I love Halloween! From transforming my house into a haunted house to planning DIY costumes for my kids. But one of my favorite things about the holiday is making fun Halloween-themed food!” – Emily

Easy Mummy Pizza with String Cheese Bandages – Hunny I’m Home

Cute pepperoni mummy face pizzas

“I love having little holiday traditions that my kids can look forward to each year. And one of my kids’ favorite Halloween traditions is having Halloween-themed meals all day long. We start with a fun Halloween breakfast, then my son brings a Halloween-themed lunch to school. ” – Emily

Halloween Mummy Meatballs in the Air Fryer – Hunny I’m Home

how to make crescent roll mummies

“Halloween is a great excuse to come up with with themed recipes. From cute witch hat cookies to spooky pizza, there are so many fun ways to transform plain food into a festive Halloween treat. This quick and easy recipe turns ordinary meatballs into spooky mummy meatballs using your air fryer” – Emily

Honey Walnut Baklava – Christina’s Cucina

Honey Walnut Baklava

This Honey Walnut Baklava is drenched in hot honey which allows the layers of phyllo pastry to stay crisp, unlike the sugar syrup coated version of baklava” – Christina

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