Mousse Recipes

Mousse also pronounced the same way as Moose, although a dessert, is absolutely delicious and the focus of our #TuesdayTips. My mom used to make Mousse all the time with my Uncle Micheal. One of her favorite memories with him. She not only passed down the recipe to me, but when I was growing up would tell me stories of him whenever she made the dessert. In fact we always kept a picture of him by the dining room table and he would overlook the kitchen.

Now as a momma, I make mousse with Matthew and pass on some of the same stories as well as tips. We also try new recipes, flavors and more. With the Holidays upon us, Mousse is a great and elegant way to have dessert that your kiddos will not only love but enjoy helping with. Below we have some easy and great flavored mousse recipes to share with you.

No Bake Chocolate Mousse Cups Recipe – The Three Snackateers

No Bake Chocolate Mousse Cups Recipe Feature

“Chocolate mousse cups are a decadent, delicious dessert that adds a touch of elegance to any meal.” – Micky


Easy Low-Carb Chocolate Mousse in a serving glass ready to eat

“For an easy low-carb chocolate mousse that is thick, rich, and decadent, this recipe is the best. And when I say thick, I mean it. The texture of this mousse is chocolatey and has a dense but creamy mouthfeel that is so comforting. A little goes a long way with this sweet dessert and every bite will satisfy your sweet tooth. The first time I made this, my youngest was trying to scrape every bit out of his bowl – enough said.” – Angela

Chocolate Orange Mousse – Chisel and Fork

two glass jars of chocolate orange mousse

This chocolate orange mousse is light and airy with a rich chocolate flavor complemented by the tart orange, making for a classic combination.” – Ryan


Tofu chocolate mousse with dairy free cream and a strawberry.

“This tofu chocolate mousse is velvety smooth, creamy, and easy to make. You will never guess that this is dairy-free, gluten-free, and egg-free. It is the perfect light dessert for any occasion.” – Harriet


Whipped cream desserts in a glass.

“This delicious dulce de leche mousse is the perfect dessert to end a meal. It is fast to make, and with just 2-ingredients (dulce de leche and cream), you can have this ready in less than 5 minutes.” – Harriet


White porcelain cup filled with chocolate mousse and whipped cream

“Easy chocolate mousse recipe teaches you how to make chocolate mousse from scratch with just a few simple ingredients – no raw eggs necessary!” – Kate

Chocolate Mousse – Amanda’s Cookin

Chocolate Mousse

“Chocolate mousse speaks for itself with its fluffy and airy chocolate base, but adding some chocolate shavings and whipped cream makes for an even prettier presentation.” – Amanda


Mousse in mason jar, garnished with cream, raspberry compote, chocolate and fresh raspberries, with a spoon on the side, surrounded by fresh raspberries and leaves and a stack of chocolate.

“This decadent raspberry chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis is easy and delicious. A great make-ahead dessert that’s perfect for an elegant dinner party or get-together!” – Sarah

CHOCOLATE ORANGE POTS (NO EGG) – The Family Food Kitchen

A finished chocolate pot garnished with orange zest on a striped background. A spoon rests to the right with a scoop of the dessert which is removed from the dish. The light inside texture of the mousse is visible.

“These dreamy Chocolate Orange Pots are the most decadent dessert you could imagine. But the good news is – they’re also one of the easiest! A chocolate pot is basically just melted chocolate mixed with light-as-air whipped cream. How can you go wrong?” – Joanna

VEGAN CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – It’s Not Complicated Recipes

Jar of chocolate mousse, with a spoon resting on top with mousse on it.

“This Vegan Chocolate Mousse is incredibly delicious and takes just minutes to prepare! Made with just five ingredients, this is a dessert for a chocolate lover – smooth, creamy and decadent. It is an ideal dessert for easy entertaining.” – Alexandra

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