My Journey through the Pastry Arts Program

Wow, what a month it has been. At the end of October, I began Culinary school at ICE (Institute of Culinary Arts) at their New York City Campus in Brookfield Place. It’s always been my dream to go to culinary school to learn to have my own bakery/café but most of all to make beautiful celebratory cakes that not only reflect me and my abilities but to also deliver for what my clients will want.

So back to school having begun, unfortunately that meant I’ve neglected our blog a bit and I apologized. That doesn’t mean we don’t still cook and bake everyday. We do, well mostly mommy while Matthew is at school and I bring him the goods as snack when I pick him up.

At ICE, we go through 4 modules which total of 8 courses oin the pastry program and then finish with an externship. The 8 courses are introductions to baking techniques & Ingredients part 1&2, Breads and other yeast doughs, pastry doughs, cakes, fillings and icings part 1&2, chocolate confections, and lastly cake decorating.

Our first module was all about introducing us to baking, techniques needed and the most important ingredients. Now that may sound boring and redundant if your like me that already bakes a lot but I can assure you it’s far from it. We not only baked just about every day (4 days of no actual baking) but so much other valuable information from how and when to swap ingredients to owning our own bakeries to plating. We tried so many new things and it was awesome. Couldn’t have been a better month, except for my practical which was all on me for having an off day. At the end of each module we have a written exam along with a practical, which we show our ability to be organized, keep clean and get the job done. So yes I ended having to redo both my Crėme Anglaise but also my chocolate soufflé because I ended up frazzling myself at the end. I only had points taken off because I redid them but that’s okay. I still got it done and it tasted delicious.

We began module 2 today which is all breads and yeast. We made some rolls today. They are delicious and look amazing. So much of what I’m learning I can teach Matthew and in turn show you.

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