Nature Conservation for Kids

Let’s start by defining what conservation is. Conservation is protecting and preserving our Earth.

It is important to protect our Earth as it is made up of different ecosystems. When our weather, human destruction and loss of wildlife effect it, ecosystems can easily crumble causing more than just one species be endangered or go extinct.

We all play a part being a creature/human on earth. Just like you should keep your room and home clean, we must do the same for our Planet. Earth is our home and if it’s destroyed, humans and animals have no where else to go to live.

So, how can we help? I gathered a list that is kid friendly as many are more for older kids and adults but children can absolutely play a part. This is their home too and one day they will be the adults.

So I mentioned Ecosystems above right? We can teach our children about the different ecosystems and how they work, within that lesson, teach how if one species is effected then the whole ecosystem is.

Teach about Recycling and practice it. We can absolutely do our part. What you do, your kids will follow. You can also reuse items for projects like in art or science experiments. You can say no to plastic bags and reuse the canvas bags.

Be aware of Trash, don’t litter, cause its gross. Earth is our home remember? If you see trash, do your part and pick it up (gloves please). Remind others not to litter either

As adults and kids, we need to speak up. Remind people to recycle, not to litter, talk about wildlife and how to help.

Be aware of your water usage. Don’t take long showers, don’t leave the faucet on when brushing teeth or washing dishes.

Save Electricity by turning off lights, unplug devices and appliances that are not in use and turn them off if possible.

If you can avoid using the car, do so. Share a ride, take a bus or train or bike if you can. Don’t take unnecessary trips if you can avoid it if your only option is a car.

You can plant trees and plants native to your area. And Yes its possible to do in cities. Parks Department has family days to help, or community gardens. If your out in the country, you can plant near you. Do you remember how Mr. Beast raised a million dollars to plant a million trees? You can do your part too. It doesn’t have to be a tree but flowers are just as important.

If you have a garden, plant flowers that are bumblebee and butterfly friendly. Bright colors are attractive and they help your garden as well as others.

You can put out a Bird feeder, Bird house or butterfly feeder. Not only do you get a chance to learn about local wildlife in your backyard or patio, but you help the animals out. Depending on your area, you can also create a frog pond, Hedgehog home or safe homes for smaller animals.

If you plan on buying a pet from the pet store, make sure it’s not an endangered animal. Unfortunately some pet stores do sell animals that are not meant to be pets. Personally we’ve seen a few but one of the most remembered was a pet store in a mall had meerkats. Yes you saw that right. We highly suggest in if you are getting a cat or dog, please adopt and spay and neuter.

You can fundraise to help wildlife organizations. You can also donate to these organizations

World Wildlife Fund

Animal Welfare Institute

Local Zoos, Aquariums, and national parks

Wildlife Conservation Network

National Wildlife Federation

The Nature Conservation

The Wildlife Trusts

Defenders of Wildlife

National Geographic

You can adopt/ sponsor a wild animal like pandas from WWF

It depends on the age requirements but you can volunteer at your zoos and aquariums. Some you must be 16 or older.

You can also visit your local zoos, aquariums and National parks and pay full admission to help the. *Not every zoo is good, some are under investigation so do your research.*

You can avoid products that are manufactured by destroying our planet like Palm Oil.

Watch Nature Time with Ranger Rick

Join the Sierra Club Outdoor club or the REI children’s program.

Utilize Ocean Guardian Classroom

Join Let’s G.O. By Children Nature Network

And lastly, go be out in nature. Go for hikes take a walk or go Geocatching. We can all do our part.

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