One Pan Sante Fe Turkey

I found a delicious recipe for stuffed peppers a long time ago, probably around 9 or 10. I like peppers but not the biggest fan of stuffed, plus the recipe was way more complicated and longer than I would have liked that night. So I fixed it. Instead of stuffing the peppers and baking them, I diced the the peppers up and added them to the pan instead. Its become one of those recipes I’ve fiddled with over the years that I know it by memory and even though I may change a spice or two, it always comes out the same and absolutely delicious. 

But there is more to this dish than you realize. When Matthew was younger he was, who am I kidding he still is, a picky eater. Yes he has Sensory Processing Disorder which plays a huge role. Back then he would mostly eat fruits, which were limited, and vegetables. His protein list was so small. As a mom it was concerning. I wanted to find meals that he will love and get his nutrients from. So one day as we were sitting down to eat our Sante Fe turkey, he asked to try. I felt like yelling “Hallelujah” because I actually found a protein he liked. Not only is it full of protein because of the Turkey, but the Quinoa has protein as well, which I knew he already liked. It passed out taste test. It is now a loved household dish we have about twice a month. It is fairly easy minus making the Quinoa, which is moody, and takes such a short time. 


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