Photography for kids

I know so many have been asking about what can be done for art. Matthew loves to paint but for the last few years he’s been asking to do photography. We signed up for a Smart Phone Photography class with our local library. It’s 3 weeks worth and really aimed towards adults (my mistake) but after I listen, he and I go out and take photos. He’s used his iPad and my phone for photos but he’s been taking up my DSLR camera and learning how to work it. Right now he’s learning Digital in automatic similar to how the phone works but soon we will be switching into manual. That’s where this class comes in handy. Now normally I don’t usually edit photos, at least not by a lot, typically I’ll resize it and brighten it up but this class was challenging us to work with different techniques in editing as well.

So there’s a lot to photography to teach, right now exploring the camera is just the beginning, he’s also experimenting with the different lenses we have. You don’t need to have a DSLR camera, a point and shoot or phone works okay. There will be a difference in quality but just to start, hey budgeting is fine.

If your going for a cheap point and shoot, I recommend this one below. Many of the photos taken above were using this camera.

Long story short but I’ve always loved photography. I was actually a professional photographer in NYC in 2010-2012 both in Portrait and Nature and had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers. There are so many places you can go to take photos, and we are excited for when things open up to go back to work on it. Like going to the zoo, Central Park and the architecture around the city, those are just a few things we are looking forward too.

Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to explore the world through the lens. You see things from different angles and really appreciate things more. Here are some recent pictures we’ve taken. Some are edited for the class, some not.

So we will be learning a lot more about photography, composition and so much more