Physics is a science which can be taken in any grade however it is suggested for 11th grade. I’ve added the printable to make your planning easier.

One -Dimensional Motion

what is physics?
displacement, velocity and time acceleration
kinematic formulas and projectile motion old videos on projectile motion

Two – Dimensional Motion

two – dimensional projectile motion optimal angle for a projectile

Forces and Newton’s law of motion

Newton’s laws of motion
Normal force and contact force balanced and unbalanced forces slow sock on Lubricon VI inclined planes and friction tension
treating systems

Centripetal force and gravitation

circular motion and centripetal acceleration centripetal forces
Newton’s law of gravitation

Work and energy

work and energy springs and Hooke’s law mechanical advantage

Impacts and linear momentum

momentum and impulse Elastic and inelastic collisions center of a mass

Torque and angular momentum

rotational kinematics
torque, moments and angular momentum

Oscillations and mechanical waves

Simple harmonic motion
simple harmonic motion (with calculus) what are mechanical waves
the doppler effect
wave interference


Density and pressure
Buoyant force and Archimedes Principle Fluid dynamics


temperature, kinetic theory and the ideal gas law specific heat and heat transfer
laws of thermodynamics

Electric charge, field and potential

Charge and Electric force
Coulomb’s law
Electric field
Electric potential energy, electric potential, and voltage


Ohm’s law and circuits with resistors Circuits with capacitors

Magnetic forces, magnetic fields and Faraday’s law

Magnets and Magnetic force Magnetic fields created by a current Electro motors
magnetic flux and Faraday’s law

Electromagnetic waves and interference

what are electromagnetic waves? interference of electromagnetic waves

Geometric optics

Reflection and refraction Mirrors

Special relativity

Michelson and Morley’s luminiferous eher experiment Minkowski Spacetime
Lorentz transformation
Einstein velocity addition

Quantum Physics

Atoms and electrons
quantum numbers and orbitals Nuclei

Discoveries and Projects

Discovery of magnetism Discovery of magnetic fields Measuring magnetic fields Discovery batteries Discovery electromagnetism Discovery of resistors Electric motor

Projectile launcher
thermo can
simple machines explorations

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