Preschool Curriculum

This has been the most common group I get questions on and how to “school” your toddler or preschooler. As a farmer preschool teacher and veteran homeschooler I want to encourage exploration. Learning happens all the time even when you don’t realize it. Now as a parent I, sure your anxious to make sure they are reaching their developmental goals. Look I get it but putting too much pressure on your child can have bad implications and it will also drive you crazy too. Relax.

Now that being said make learning fun. This is the time to begin introducing subjects/topics and begin exploring. Work on fine motor gross skills too. You want your “school day” to be fun. There are plenty of resources on Pinterest for books and activities. Unless your child likes worksheets, I would avoid since that’s not your focus. This is the time where you as a parent or a guardian can make it fun and enjoy teaching, get creative, be silly and watch your child soar. I’m going to list Preschool themes down below. I suggest doing 1 theme a month or minimum every two weeks but that’s up to you.

Theme Ideas

• Transportation

• Bugs/insects

• Plants

• Camping

• Weather/seasons

• Ocean

• Jungle

• Desert

• My community

• Community people

• All bout me

• Construction

• Dinosaur

• Dr. Seuss

• Eric Carle

• Family

• Farm

• Fall

• Fairy tale

• Pets

• Zoo

• Space

• Gingerbread

• Habitats

• Rainbows

There are so many more but this is just the start. Pinterest is a great resource, google as well. I’ll post ideas per theme as well so time goes.