Pumpkin Picking and Pumpkin Science

So we usually go 2-3 times a year, I know its strange, but the farm is 20 minutes from the house I am now living in and it is also on the way to the city, so as we headed home back to the apartment, we would stop and get our favorite pumpkins.

Anyway, we decided to get a few more this year to actually decorate our porch, carve and for our pumpkin science. This was just from our first trip. Yes we will be going back for more, especially carving pumpkins.

So we honestly love this farm. Besides cheap great pumpkins, their decor is always fun. Normally they have a large totem of carved pumpkins too.

Alright, so I found out that the farm we we go yo ran out of pumpkins, so we will be using the small ones to carve. We normally do a pumpkin volcano just like with the apples but limited on pumpkins so we will skip that but here is a video to show you how.

Then since we planned on carving, we scooped out the pumpkin guts and saved some in a bag for sensory.

We also saved the seeds so we can plant some in the spring and also roast some seeds for cooking fun.

And the last bit was we baked fresh pumpkin to make a pumpkin puree for some baked goods, which you can check out our recipes at Matthews Kitchen NYC.

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