Queen Mary Minecraft Lesson

So this is the second part of our #MinecraftMonday WWII lesson. The reason we choose to add the Queen Mary to the lesson is because this ship sailed from Bremerhaven, Germany to New York, New York with the families of soldiers who stayed to help restore Germany after the end of World War II.
Now you may be wondering how I know this, well truth is my own father was on that ship making the journey.

My dad was born Queens, New York but was quickly brought over to Germany as my Grandfather was Major Mahlon Neznamy on the Airforce at the time.

Anyway, The Queen Mary played a pivotal role in WWII, while Queen Mary had been sailing for years by this point, it took on the role of carrying thousands of soldiers to aid in the war in the year in 1942.

Queen Mary continued to sail until 1967. It was then docked off Long Beach California and turned into a Museum and Hotel, opening in 1971. It is also known as one of the most haunted places in the United States.

Now to our Minecraft Lesson, let’s take a look inside the ship.

We have seen now the inside and outside of the ship, can you challenge your child to replicate it? I would give your child 1-2 weeks to try to do as best as they can.

Or you can check out this mod we found.

Unfortunately inside the ship is nothing special, so now is you child’s change to recreate what it looks like from the pictures and video above.

I would also challenge your child to map out the voyages the ship has done. We used searoutes.com to not only calculate the route but how many days it would take. Here is a list voyages the Queen Mary made in 1940, there were many more after and if you want to continue the calculations, have fun with it. Otherwise also check out the map we added from how my dad went from Germany to New York.

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