Ratatouille Movie Night

It’s a Ratatouille #movienightfriday is one of our favorites. My kiddo can watch this movie over and over and over and over, you get the point. Any way, we know that Ratatouille takes place in Paris, France as we see the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Beyond touring the Eiffel Tower, and knowing where France is on the map. We also speak French fluently here, so this is nothing new to us.

Plus a lot of the Disney movies are set in France like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame to name a few. So we took this lesson into the kitchen where Remy loves to be and spoke about how kitchens work.

We were over the basic rules, which you can find in our Kitchen rule post, as well as different types of employees in the food industry.

Now not all kitchens have that many types of food, or kitchen staff/ chefs in the back but it is important to know what goes on, as we see in majority of the film. We also see Linguini work on his basic knife skills and other techniques thats are a must when cooking, all wonderful things to practice, which is why we bring you a French themed menu for you to work with your kids.


No Knead Bread: Unbelievably Easy, Incredibly Delicious! – Christina’s Cucina

No knead bread cooling

This No Knead Bread recipe by Jim Lahey will change your life, as it has mine. I never buy bread anymore. This recipe is nothing short of phenomenal.” – Christina

How to Make an Omelette – What a Girl Eats

Learn how to make a perfect French omelet with cheese, spinach, and mushrooms. | @whatagirleats

“Learning how to make a perfect French omelette may sound daunting, but it’s not hard at all. Using these tips and techniques, you can make your own fluffy French omelette any time.” – Cynthia

Classic French Onion Soup, Soupe A L’Oignon Gratinee – What a Girl Eats

Classic French onion soup is hearty, rich, and incredibly delicious. Rich homemade beef stock, kissed with vermouth, caramelized onions, crisp croutons, and melted Gruyere cheese on top.

Classic French onion soup is hearty, rich, and incredibly delicious. Rich homemade beef stock, kissed with vermouth, caramelized onions, crisp croutons, and melted Gruyere cheese on top.” – Cynthia

DARK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – A Pinch for Adventure

Real Chocolate Mousse

“Whether you are looking for a romantic dessert idea, or for a Valentine’s Day treat, this rich dark chocolate mousse is THE BEST real chocolate mousse recipe. It’s a perfect chocolate dessert and has hints of espresso in it as well, complete with homemade whipping cream, it is delightful!” – Emily

French Chocolate Macarons with Toffee Recipe – Ottawa Mommy Club

French Chocolate Macarons with Toffee recipe

“Macaron is a French sweet and colourful confection commonly filled with ganache, buttercream, or jam sandwiched between two meringues cookies. Macarons can be found in a wide variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, strawberry, lavender, hazelnut, orange blossom, and lots more! They are not difficult to make, but they can be so finicky!” – Lyne

What is Raclette and How is it Made? – Fluxing Well

what is raclette featured image

“Looking for a special meal to enjoy with family or friends? In my family, now that the boys are away from home, it’s rare to gather the entire family around the dinner table. When we do get together, I like to make the most of each moment. Having raclette is a fun way to create memories, and is one of the most-requested meals at our house when we are all in one place.” – Lisa

Instant Pot Ratatouille Recipe – Healthy Recipes 101

Instant Pot Ratatouille Recipe

“Let’s dive into today’s Instant Pot ratatouille recipe that showcases a fresh and colorful summer’s bounty.” – Luna


“Ratatouille Nicoise is a simple classic French vegetable stew traditionally made with late summer, well-ripened vegetables. It is a wholesome side dish to serve with grilled chicken or meat, especially lamb. You can serve it as a vegetarian or vegan main course over plain rice, couscous, or simply mixed with pasta.” – Ayla

ZUCCHINI GRATIN – Dinner at the Zoo

Zucchini gratin with creamy zucchini, cheese and crispy breadcrumbs.

This zucchini gratin is layers of tender sauteed zucchini and cheese in a creamy sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and baked to perfection. A simple yet elegant side dish!” – Sara

The BEST Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks – On My Kids Plate

A person dipping a mozzarella cheese stick into a bowl of red sauce with more cheese sticks next to the bowl

“These crispy air fryer mozzarella sticks are easy to make plus perfectly gooey and crunchy every time. Just a few minutes in the air fryer gives you a lightened up mozzarella stick that is a healthier take on party time classic. Use skim milk string cheese dipped in panko, flour, egg and a mix of Italian spices for a delicious snack to share.” – Kristy

Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Bread (With Biscuit Dough!) – On My Kids Plate

Pull apart bread baked in pan

“This gooey cheesy pull-apart bread with biscuit dough is made fast and easy! Packed full of delicious Italian flavors, delicious cheese and layers of fluffy biscuit dough, this recipe is always a hit, Serve it as a side with dinner or as an appetizer by itself.” – Kristy

Parmesan Garlic Zucchini Fries (Oven Baked Or Air Fryer) – On My Kids Plate

Golden brown zucchini fries next to marinara sauce on parchment paper. One fry is dipped in red marinara sauce.

“Golden brown and crispy, these parmesan garlic zucchini fries are amazing every time! Perfect as a side or appetizer! This healthy dish is the best way to make fried zucchini without all of the oil. Serve with warm marinara for dipping.” – Kristy

Layered cheesy ratatouille – Lime Thyme

Layered Cheesy Ratatouille

“My Cheesy ratatouille is made with thinly-sliced vegetables layered on top of a sweet and tangy tomato & red pepper sauce, melty Gouda cheese and basil pesto and finally brushed with a an aromatic and flavorful garlic olive oil before baking until the vegetables are tender. This dish is the most beautiful and impactful vegetarian recipe you can make and is a true celebration of summer!” – Viola

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