Road Trip through the USA

I have added a printable as well. If your looking for the cooking class or recipes check out


Capital: Montgomery
Food: Pecans, fried green tomatoes, banana pudding, BBQ, grits, sweet tea, fried okra boiled peanuts, pecan pie, muscadine, orange pineapple ice cream, fried pork skins, orange rolls, sweet potato fluff, meet and three, fried chicken, goat cheese, ribs, tomato pie, shrimp and grits, peach pie, peach ice cream, banana pudding, pork and greens on grits, cheese biscuits, crab cakes, baked grits, chicken and white sauce, fried oyster tacos, pb&j in phyllo, steamed Aquila royal red shrimp,


Capital: Juneau
Food: Salmon, blueberries, sailor boy pilot bread, muktuk, fish and chips, smoked salmon chowder, king crab, wild berry cobbler, crab stuffed halibut, spot prawns, oysters, reindeer sausage, yak burger,


Capital: Phoenix
Food: carne Aswad a tacos, chimichangas, gingerbread pig, Sonoran hot dogs, ranch fries, cowboy steak, mesquite flour bread, carne seca Plate, cheese crisp, menudo, mangoyada raspado, tostverduras, paletas, duck fig and almond crepe, the combo plate, green corn tamales, topopo salad, Native American fry bread tacos, taco gordo, elotes, beef patty taco, sonoran style flat enchilada with egg


Capital: Little Rock
Food: chocolate gravy, rice, watermelon, hubcap burger, cornbread, possum pie, bbq pork, the garden sandwich, smoked ham and turkeys, smoked turkey salad sandwich, Reuben sandwich, eggplant casserole, fried chicken and spaghetti, peck salad, Griddled pimento sandwich with bacon jam, ribs and fries with tamale, Arkansas delta tamales, fried catfish and hush puppies, cheese dip, pizza, coconut pie, steamed cabbage, stewed squash, cinnamon rolls, French dip sandwich, chocolate roll, pot-o-beans, strawberry shortcake


Capital: Sacramento
Food: Napa chicken salad, California rolls, in- and – out burgers, avacados, gilroy garlic, artichoke, surf tacos, avocado toast, cioppino, fish tacos, adobada tacos, oysters, apple pie, Korean bbq, fried chicken sandwich, Cobb salad, carnitas burrito, clam chowder, French dip, hangtown fry, cruffin, xiaolongbao, Santa Barbara spot prawns, grilled corn, Dungeness crab, maple bar doughnut, crispy tacos, fried pizza, uni, chicken and waffles,page1image19384



Capital: Denver
Food: palisade peace’s, Pueblo Chile’s, cantaloupe, boulder potato chips, lamb fondue, prime rib, Rocky Mountain oysters, lobster mac and cheese, miso black cod, braised duck, double Johny burger soup dumplings


Capital: Hartford
Food: steamed cheeseburgers, new haven style pizza, cider doughnuts, lobster roll, Luigi bianco pizza, kanibaba, roast chicken, original hamburger sandwich, white mashed potato pizza, arepas, the new Englander, ricotta Gnocchi, white clam pizza, pumpkin pie, carpetbaggers, mac and cheese, cupcakes, Cali burrito, Bernice original cheeseburger, black duck burger


Capital: Dover
Food: Crabs, deleware style hot dogs, Nic-o-Bali, blue claw cabs, fries with vinegar, grotto pizza, the Bobbie, chicken slippery dumplings, peaches, fried chicken, scrapble


Capital: Tallahassee
Food: oranges, key lime pie, friend conch, grilled mahi, OJ, Cuban food, lemon, lime, mango, swamp cabbage, gator tail, ceviche, stone crabs, Fritas, Colombian hot dogs, mango salsa, gulf oysters, guava and cheese pastelitos, jerk, spiny lobster, smoked fish dip, blackened mani- mahi, roti, Florida seafood stew, fried grouper sandwich, black bean soup


Capital: Atlanta
Food:peaches, vidialia onions, pimento cheese, boiled peanuts, bbq, meat & three, chicken and dumplings, pecan pie, fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, Georgia wild shrimp, fried apple pie, fried okra, fried chicken biscuits, pralines, deviled eggs, trout, sweet tea


Capital: Honolulu
Food: spam, poke bowls, malasadas, manapuam shaved ice, pineapple, loco Moro’s, katsu Mac salad sticky rice, poi, Kailua pork, guava, lilikoi, mango, Portuguese sausage with eggs Activity:


Capital: Boise

Food: potatoes, huckleberries, icee cream potato, finger steaks, Idaho ruby red trout, Jim spud, huckleberry milkshakes, monkey fries, Idaho sturgeon, red flannnel hash, artisan cheese, filet mignon with morels, beef tongue, injera, rocket mountain oysters, elk carpaccio with wild huckleberries rack of lamb


Capital: Springfield
Food: deep dish pizza, bacon wrapped chorizo stuffed dates, the original maid0 rite sandwich, apple fritter, grand champion baby back ribs, pizza pot pie, cemita atomica, the horshoe, Garrett mix, maxwell style polish sausage, garlic rolls and crab, the cozy dog, smoked salmon, bison/ steak jibarito, roast beef sandwich, pierogis, pork tenderloin, the mr. G


Capital: Indianapolis
Food: caramel apples, sweet corn, coney dog, biscuits and gravy, shrimp cocktail, smoking goose charcuterie, breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, popcorn, roast beef Manhattan, sugar cream pie, German sausages, fried bologna sandwich, chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes, persimmon pudding, fried brain sandwich, lake perch, fried biscuits with apple butter, Activity:


Capital: Des Moines
Food: pork chops and sweet corn, Eskimo pie, pork tenderloin sandwiches, the original maid rite sandwich, nutty bar, gas station pizza, Iowa sweet corn, blue bunny ice cream, hot beef sandwich, panino, steak de burgo,


Capital: Topeka
Food: bbq, chili and cinnamon rolls, the z man, pie, pot roast, bierocks, blt, monster burrito, doughnuts, cake, pork meatballs, bread, chocolate


Capital: Frankfort
Food: fried chicken, hot browns, derby pie, Benedictine, mint julep, deviled eggs, spoon bread, goetta, Burgoo, shaker lemon pie, soup beans and fried corn cakes, hopin john, bourbon balls, transparent puddings and pies, corn pudding, tacos and burritos, doughnuts, mutton BBQ, modjeskas, sorghum, skyline chili, beer cheese, flowerpot bread, fried catfish, country ham Activity:


Capital: Baton Rouge
Food: crawfish, gumbo, pecan pralines, king crab, beignets, boudin, jambalaya, ya-ka-mein, po boy, crawfish boil, muffuletta, blackened fish, doberge cake, cracklins, crawfish Monica, cochon de Lait, king cake, red beans, fish fry, snowball, turtle soup, grillades



Capital: Augusta
Food: Lobster, Blueberries, Clam Chowder, Whoopi pies, clambake, lobster pie, blueberry pancakes, Lobster rolls, steamed lobster, Maine potato fries, clam roll, haddock chowder, Italian sandwich, Indian pudding, New England boiled diner, maple sugar, maple syrup, Activity:


Capital: Annapolis
Food: Crabs, Pit Beef, Sweet Corn. coddies, rockfish, caramel creams, cow tails, smith island cake, snowballs, fishers popcorn, lemon stick, old bay, lake trout, steamed blue crab, crab cakes, Maryland crab soup, crab potato chips, stuffed ham, Maryland beaten biscuit, burger cookies,


Capital: Boston
Food: boston baked beans, New England clam chowder, fluffernutter, scallops, fried clam bellies, cider doughnuts, corned beef, Indian pudding, Irish soda bread, baked stuffed scrod, clam chowder, fish n chip, griddled blueberry muffins, linguist cheese roll, steak tips, oysters, pasteis de nata, steamers, maple sugar candy, malasadas,


Capital: Lansing
Food: cherries, apples, fudge, pasties, Fargo pop, coney dogs, Detroit style pizza, cider and doughnuts, hot fudge cream puff pasty, double baked rye bread, Greek Salad, paczki, chocolate chunk cookies, warr shu gai, whitefish, zip sauce, frankenmouth chicken dinner, dirty moore


Capital: St. Paul
Food: spam, potato lefsa, hot dish, juicy Lucy, Swedish meatballs, wild rice soup, artisan bread, polish sausage, baked goods, blueberry walnut pancakes, pecan caramel and cinnamon rolls, pie, gravlax, turkey burger, porketta/porchetta, smoked fish, pho, wild rice patty melt, turtle cake, popovers, mini doughnuts


Capital: Jackson
Food: slugburgers, catfish, crawfish, Abe’s BBQ, biscuits, soul food, hot tamales, caramel cake, hush puppies, charcuterie, slugburgers, black bottom pie, fried dill pickles, catfish Allison, Katrina pieces, kibbe, kool aid pickles, mile high meringues pie


Capital: Jefferson City
Food: Grilled pork steaks, ribs, toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, cashew chicken, hot salami sandwich, burnt ends, St. Louis style pizza, deep dish apple pie, provel, cheese curds, heart stopping BLT, the darkness croissant, cinnamon rolls, bucatini all amatriciana, toasted ravioli, St. Paul sandwich, slinger, sticky toffee pudding,


Capital: Helena
Food: huckleberry swirls, country fried steak, steak, hoot dogs, beans & sheepherders, fry bread, nut burger, prime rib, grizzly paws, bison, pie, stuffed mushroom &. Ribeye, Hutterite chicken, pizza, lentils, wagon wheels, willow spring lamb, huckleberry turnovers, pork chop johns, pasties, trout, maple bar, burger, bread, ribs strawberry scones, elk


Capital: Lincoln
Food: beef, sweet corn, kool aid, cinnamon rolls with chili, tin roof sundae, mac and cheese, Omaha style pizza, Reuben, stromer sandwich, pork tenderloin, onion rings, bolognese, garlic bread, bierock, Mexican seafood, corned beef hash, pho, much basket,


Capital: Carson City
Food: bone in rib eye steak, awful awful burger, elk chop, fry bread Indian taco, western sundae, eggs Benedict, lamb shank, Cornish pasty, chorizo sandwich, 3 am steak and eggs, salami and charcuterie, crispy duck with panang, mushroom ravioli, tamales

New Hampshire

Capital: Concord
Food: lobster pound, French toast, pancakes, poutine, farmhouse pate, clam chowder, lobster rolls, wild game, oysters, sausage family style breakfast, chicken & waffles, chocolate chip cookies

New Jersey

Capital: Trenton
Food: pork roll, hoagies, salt water taffy, south jersey pizza, sliders, pork roll sandwich, panzoratti, sloppy joe sandwich, tomato pizza, cheesesteak, jersey corn, disco fries, Barnegat light scallops,cape may salt oysters, hard rolls, Cuban sandwich, north jersey pizza, submarine sandwich, Italian hot dog,

New Mexico

Capital: Santa Fe

Food: red chili, green chilies, blue corn pancakes, posole, breakfast burrito, Chile relents, carne adovado, red cheese enchiladas, frito pie, blue corn tortillas, red Chile tamales

New York

Capital: Albany

Most popular Food: cheesecake, pizza, bagels, dirty water hotdogs, bacon egg and cheese, rainbow cookies, spiedies, jello factory, garbage plate, pastrami on rye, eggs Benedict, lobster newberg, lobar salad, cronut, bagel and lox, Manhattan clam chowder, egg cream, ramen, oysters, Beef on weck, knishes


North Carolina

Capital: Raleigh
Food: BBQ, corn bread, biscuits and gravy, sweet tea, chicken n dumplings, Deer, wild hog, bear, rabbit, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, hush puppies, pork bbq, Lexington style bbq, she – crab bisque, peach cobbler, shrimp and grits, glazed doughnuts, eastern style bbq, fried green tomatoes, fried catfish, mac and cheese, sweet potato pie, Moravian sugar cookies, liver pudding, Brunswick stew, pork chop sandwich, briskets and butts,

North Dakota

Capital: Bismarck
Food: knoephla soup, Bison steak, Juneberry Jam, Kuchen, Lefse, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, tater tot hot dish, cheese buttons, chippers, taco in a bag, fry bread taco



Capital: Columbus
Food: buckeyes, Cincinnati chili, Cleveland style BBQ, Polish boy, Hungarian hot dogs, gotta hash, sweet corn. Fried lake perch, Barberton style chicken, pierogi


Capital: Oklahoma City
Food: strawberries, peaches, watermelon, bison, catfish, deer jersey, sonic, braums, fried onion burger, Indian taco, bbq, banh mi, theta burger, fried chicken, pho, pig sandwich, waffles, hideaway pizza, Lebanese hors d’oeuvres, chili, fried pie, coneys, lamb and calf fries,


Capital: Salem

Food: fresh salad, strawberries, wild salmon, blackberries, Marion-berries, watermelon, hazelnuts, pear and blue cheese ice cream, veggie burger, bacon maple bar, Marionberry pie, Vietnamese chicken wings, seasonal milkshakes, corn dogs, oysters, tater tots, tofurky, steamer clams, albacore tuna melt, Dungeness crab, biscuits, wild mushrooms, fish and chips Activity:


Capital: Harrisburg
Food: cheesesteaks, soft Pretzels, Hoagies, Hershey’s chocolate, old forge style pizza, tomato pie, scrapple, wedding soup, pierogies, tastykakes, burnt almond torte, fried fish sandwich, wilburs chocolate, mushroom strudel, red beet eggs and ring bologna, snapper soup, philly surf and turf, shoofly pie, water ice, roast pork sandwich, Pitts burger, Pittsburgh salad, zucchini planks

Rhode Island

Capital: Providence
Food: Coffee Milk, Crab cakes, Irish brown bread, doughboys, hermit cookies, hot weiners, clams casino, pizza strips, kale soup/caldo verde, clam cakes, johnnycakes, doughnut cake, stuffies, Rhode Island clam chowder, clam bakes, calamari, grinders, snail salad,

South Carolina

Capital: Columbia
Food: low country boil, shrimp and grits, Mac n cheese, peaches, sweet tea, bbq, hash, she- crab soup, biscuits, boiled peanuts, deviled eggs, fried seafood, oysters, peacans, meat n three, collards, okra, pimento cheese, cornbread/corn muffins, Carolina gold rice, chow-chow, benne wafers,

South Dakota

Capital: Pierre
Food: taverns, kolache, hot beef commercial, Indian tacos, lefse, rhubarb, Chislic, fleisch kuchele, Kuchen, pasties, wajapi, Indian fry bread, buffalo, zebra donuts, walleye, ring necked pheasant, wasna, mocha cakes,


Capital: Nashville
Food: cornbread, corn on the cob, soy beans, pinto beans, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, moon pies, grits, sawmill gravy, goo-goo clusters corn cake, dry rib, ramps, Nashville hot chicken sandwich, fried pickles, banana pudding, meet and three, greens and potlikker, cheese dip, fried bologna sandwich, fried catfish, country hame and red0 eye gravy, hot fish sandwich, bbq nachos. Bbq spaghetti, fried chicken, while hog bbq, vinegar pie


Capital: Austin

Food: BBQ, Pecan Pie, beef,, texmex, chicken fried steak, brisket, enchiladas, queso, puffy taco, burger, chili, gulf oysters, breakfast taco, kolache,


Capital: Salt Lake City
Food: crown burger, Navajo tacos, funeral potatoes, fry sauce, collegiate ice cream, potato tots, mile high biscuits, pie, Utah corn, wild game chili, stone fruit,


Capital: Montpelier
Food: sugar on snow, maple syrup, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, apple pie with cheddar, chicken pot pie, aged cheddar, chili dogs, fiddleheads, lake perch, gravy fries, maple cream pie, ramps, gilfeather turnip, pickled eggs, maple baked beans, tourtiere, cider doughnuts, salt pork and milk gravy, venison, maple creemee, boiled cider, spring dug parsnips


Capital: Richmond
Food: oysters, peanuts, ham, pimento cheese, fried pies, rappohannock oyster, ham and biscuits, apple butter, peanut pie, trout, mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, Brunswick stew, baked oysters, soft shell crabs, peanut soup, shad roe


Capital: Olympia
Food: apples, walla walla sweet onions, clams, smoked sockeye salmon, sautéed geoduck, oysters on the half shell, oyster stew, breechers mac and cheese, steamed mussels and clams, razor clam chowder, geoduck crudo, salmon sandwich, Saigon-style Dungeness crab, Dungeness crab roll, molten chocolate cake, honey lavender ice cream, aspergus tamales, apple cider doughnuts,

West Virginia

Capital: Charleston
Food: pepperoni rolls, slaw dogs, gravy and biscuits, grape and Gorgonzola pizza, skillet cornbread, ramps and potatoes, baked steak and gravy, apple dumpling, fried fish sandwich, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, buckwheat pancakes, Fresh rainbow trout, mountaineer biscuit, pot roast melt, wild game, bbq ribs, venison stew, Appalachian bbq, double cut pork chop, greenbrier peaches, West Virginia dog,


Capital: Madison
Food: brats & cheese, cheese curds, cheese, cranberries, bratwurst, cream puffs, roesti, Swedish pancakes, danish Kringle, beer cheese soup, fish boil, fried cheese curds, Colby

cheese, frozen custard, cream pie, morning buns, Norwegian meatballs. Cornish pasties, butter burgers, smoked fish chowder, chicken booyah,


Capital: Cheyenne
Food: taco johns, patio olé, chuck wagon dinner, Rocky Mountain oysters, fry bread, chicken fried steak, wyomatoes, truffles, soda bread, buffalo steak, elk, trout, morels, pig candy, biscuits and gravy, tartare, bison burger, cowboy cookies, ice cream sandwiches, wild game nachos, buffalo chili

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