Robin Hood Movie Night

It’s #Movienightfriday and we are traveling to England for a Robin Hood filled adventure. Robin Hood is based on the book The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle, which we listened to on audible. We then mapped where the story took place in Nottingham, England, which is a real place.

We then did a comparison of the book to the movie. There is a live action movie called Robin Hood in Tights, which is a great added on comparison if you wanted to do a three way compare and contrast. We worked on Plat, antagonist, protagonist, setting, and working on the timeline of how stories are written.

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We also made traditionally English dishes, especially from the time it is set. We hope you enjoy this movie night as much as we did.


Lemon Posset (The Easiest Dessert Ever!) – What a Girl Eats

lemon posset

“Have you ever heard of Lemon Posset? Run, don’t walk to the nearest grocery store pick up some cream…and some lemons!” – Cynthia

Scottish Steak Pie (with Puff Pastry Topping) – Christina’s Cucina

scottish steak pie, potatoes and peas with tartan background

Scottish steak pie with puff pastry topping is a traditional New Year’s Day dish in Scotland, however, it’s too good to only be made once a year. The truth is, Scottish steak pie is a classic, and eaten all year long. ” – Christina

Individual Shepherd’s Pies in Baked Potatoes – Christina’s Cucina

Cottage shepherd's pies in baked potatoes

These individual shepherd’s pies in baked potatoes are a unique way to serve up and old British classic. Impress your company, or simply serve them for a weeknight comfort food meal!” – Christina

British Apple Scones – Christina’s Cucina

two apple scones on a blue plate

British Apple Scones are a nice change to the classic scone. Made in a round, it requires no cutters and is very quick and easy to make. ” – Christina

Lemon Posset (Easy 3 Ingredient Lemon Dessert) – Partylicious

lemon posset in glass containers on serving tray

“This deliciously easy lemon posset is a classic dessert that uses only lemons, heavy whipping cream, and sugar to create a creamy custard like lemon dessert” – Sophia

How to Make Toad in the Hole – In the Kitch

Toad in the hole on wire rack.

“Making a hearty, filling meal can seem pretty difficult at times. We’ve all got our responsibilities to take care of throughout the day, often at the expense of not being able to cook a proper dinner at the end of the day. Good doesn’t have to mean the same thing as complicated, however.” – Joss

Shepherd’s Pie Recipe – The Forked Spoon

Overhead image of a fully baked Shepherd's pie in a white casserole dish.

“This Shepherd’s Pie Recipe is made with tender ground lamb (or beef) and chopped vegetables cooked in a rich gravy, then topped with a layer of creamy delicious mashed potatoes, and baked until golden and bubbly. Simple and easy to make, learn how to make this classic Shepherd’s pie and enjoy it over and over again.” – Jessica


Piece of sticky toffee pudding cake topped with whipped cream

“Best sticky toffee pudding cake recipe! This super moist cake is made with brown sugar and dates and has a rich toffee sauce on top for the ultimate dessert!” – Kate

RHUBARB AND APPLE COMPOTE – Through the Fibro Compote

rhubarb and apple compote in a white bowl on a round wooden board next to apples.

“This rhubarb and apple compote is sweet and comforting, and makes the most of the fresh rhubarb of late spring and early summer. Enjoy as an easy yet delicious dessert or as a topping for breakfast oatmeal in the morning!” – Claire

BLACKBERRY APPLE CRISP – Through the Fibro Fog

blackberry and apple crisp on a white place with a spoon on it.

“This blackberry apple crisp is the perfect cosy dessert and especially good if you have gone blackberry picking yourself I think! It’s healthy and hearty and comes together in around an hour, with most of that being oven time. A vegan, gluten-free (using certified oats) and low histamine dessert.” – Claire

POMEGRANATE POSSET – Through the Fibro Fog

two bowls of pomegranate posset on a striped cloth.

“This pomegranate posset dessert recipe is the dessert of my dreams. With heavy cream, sugar and pomegranate juice I can’t tell you that it is healthy, but I can tell you that it is delicious! Surprisingly simple to make, these pomegranate possets are wonderful for a special occasion or celebration with friends and family.” – Claire

Plain Devon Scones – Attachment Mummy

“As we head into the warmer weather it’s the perfect time for afternoon tea, out on the law or inside.  This recipe is Steve’s Devon standard, honed over many years of baking, and the tiny hint of sweetness works well.  Serve with strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry or plum jam and clotted cream.  Lemon, lime or passion fruit curd also work well.  To make fruit or cherry scones, just add fruit in – see the note in the recipe for quantities.” – Leta

Spiced Apple Cake – Attachment Mummy

“Having scrumped some fallen apples from an orchard last week, Tatiana was desperate to make something with them and delighted when Steve came up with this recipe.  It produces a moist cake that would work well warm as a pudding, or wrap it up, grab a flask of tea and head out an adventure.  This quantity makes two loaves, so give one away, eat two or freeze one.  Just wrap it in greaseproof paper then foil and a freezer bag.” – Leta

Stewed Fruit Recipe – Attachment Mummy

“Stewed fruit is one of those hangovers from childhood and bad school dinners: mushy, yucky over-cooked apple.  But this way of ‘stewing’ (i.e.poaching) fruit in a delicious liquor is way better than that.  You can use almost any fruit and any spices to flavour the liquid, so experiment away.  Try adding a clove or two, star anise or a piece of cinnamon, or just stick with the sweeter version below.  Our girls prefer it with no spices, just vanilla and orange to flavour.  Serve it warm as a pudding with a dollop of yogurt or good vanilla ice cream, or store in the fridge and have it over granola for breakfast.” – Leta

Mushroom, Potato & Watercress Pie – Attachment Mummy

“There’s nothing like a hearty pie when it’s cold outside and this vegan mushroom, potato and watercress combination under a comforting pastry lid will warm the cockles of the chilliest heart.  Who says vegan food is all rabbit food?!” – Leta

Sticky Ginger Puddings with Toffee Pear Sauce – Attachment Mummy

“The perfect end to any meal over the festive season, this delicious pudding is equally at home on the kitchen table or at a dinner party.  Great comfort food too!” – Leta

Classic British Pork Pie – Like Hot Keto

“The pork pie with hot water crust is a delicious English classic, and turned keto and gluten-free it just got even better. This handheld pie is traditionally eaten cold (except in Yorkshire), so it’s perfect for lunch boxes, picnics and road trips! Popularly also served in pubs, on Christmas mornings, and… on hunts.” – Pris

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