Rocky Mountains Minecraft Lesson

It is #MinecraftMonday and we are covering the Rocky Mountains today. Why not learn more about our own country (if you are from America) because we have so much to offer. There are a million places in our own country to visit whether it is a natural phenomenon like the Rocky Mountains to things like Museums, or historical sites and more. So many cool and fun learning opportunities but we will be taking this into our game of Minecraft.

We first download this mod to our game, to explore. Now granted, while we live in New York, and for most of it in NYC, we also own a home (and now live full time) on a mountain in the Catskills. Our mountains here, are nothing like the Rockies. Talk about tall summits and what most think of as mountains, this is it. We explored through the game for a bit and looked at google pictures for comparison.

You can see above and also here is a quick clip from our lesson, a fuller lesson will be on our YouTube channel soon.

We had discussions, and researched more on this mountain range.

We asked questions such as:

  • Where is it located?
  • How tall are the Rocky Mountains?
  • What animals live in the Rockies?

Then we used the videos below to learn even more.

We hope you enjoyed this fun lesson, let us know if you ever got to see the Rocky Mountains in person and if this is anything like it.

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