Scheduling your day

I’ve been asked a lot how to manage a schedule being home, especially with active kids. It won’t be easy but with what is going on, we need to keep them calm but active to get their energy out. I’m going to start with my best advice, if you know your child’s schedule at school it can very well help your child adjust with what is going on. However having done extensive research it’s best to de school when switching to homeschooling for a bit. This is an odd situation since we don’t know what exactly is happening and for how long. I heard talks of distant learning so the schedules I’m suggesting are just that, you will figure out what is best for your child, and the work given.

Here was a suggested schedule based on reality

Here’s the thing, you can plan and not follow through. Don’t be hard on yourself. For those that have younger children. Figure out what their nap times are and work around it. Remember their attention spans are short and play is the best way to learn. This is the best time to have family time, reading, movie nights, use your imagination, even for older kids. It’s okay to be bored. Kids will figure it out how to entertain themselves. Anyway this is our schedule.

8 -9 am wake up, breakfast

9:30 am -10:30 am morning chores/ free play

10:30 am snack

11-12 activity/work time

12-1:30 Lunch nap/quiet time

1:30-2 pm snack

2-3 pm activity /work time

3-5 pm play time/exercise

5-6:30 Dinner prep and eat

6:30-7:30 pm bath

730-8:30 reading and sleep

Like I said it can be rearranged to help but play and family time is the most important, kids learn all day long without you realizing and putting pressure on them. I hope that helps. Please feel free to take a look at the other resources we have uploaded to come up with ideas.