Spider Man Movie Night

It’s #movienightfriday with our favorite web slinging hero.

So we could do more of a lesson on New York History, specifically Queens, which is where Spiderman is from.

Heck I remember when they began filming the 3rd Spiderman movie not far from Forest Hills but there were several locations in Manhattan as well, which you can check out on Movie Locations. There was also a scene with Spiderman over Stuyvesant Town, which is where I grew up.

We had fun checking out the different filming locations, speaking on how movies are made such as on set/on location vs in studio filming, camera gear and angels and so much more.

We love walking around the city to find familiar locations in movies, whether animated or live action, but also finding filming locations to watch them work.


Free Printable Spiderman Colouring Pages and Activity Sheets – In the Playroom

“My kids are crazy about Spider-Man, from the 5 year old to the 10 year old, Spider-Man is definitely the favorite Marvel comic book character. ” – Anna and Luciana

DIY Spider Lantern by Bitz N Giggles


“Ok, everyone, we’re in the final stretch to All Hallow’s Eve. It’s pumpkin carving, candy buying, last-minute costume touch-up time! What’s that? You’re still scrambling about trying to figure out some last minute decoration ideas?” – Sara

Decorating with Spider Webs – Organized Mom

spider web decoration

“For 11 months of the year, spiderwebs are something we try to get rid of.  But come October, spider webs can be found everywhere as people decorate their homes in the Halloween spirit.  There are many different ways to use spider web decoration and I’m sharing a few fun ideas below that you may not have thought of.” – Melissa


“Are you looking for insect crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers? This spider art activity fits the bill! Make a spider out of foam with this fun foam spider art project.” – Nadia


Hanging Spiders Decoration

“I’m a bit obsessed with spiders in my Halloween decorations, which is weird because I’m not a fan of the actual creatures. When they’re made of felt, though, they can dangle in my house all they want! This Hanging Spiders Decoration is easy to make with your Cricut Maker and you’ll actually be happy to see these spiders on your wall.” – Albion

SPIDER WREATH – Albion Gould

Spider Wreath

“Are you tired of Halloween decorations yet? I have to admit that I’d keep mine up all year if Scott would let me. I keep adding to it until 1 November, and even then, I take my time putting it away. I’m sharing an easy spider wreath for that last minute addition to your decor. I shared it on See Vanessa Crafts’ 30 Crafty Days of Halloween first.”

DIY Spider Painted Rocks – Dollar Crafter

“The spooky season is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to start planning your Halloween festivities. But you’re not going to want the same old decorations every year, are you? This year we have a fun project for all of our crafters out there that you can do with your kids: DIY spider painted rocks!” – Sadie

Spooky Spider Melt and Pour Soap Recipe – Dollar Crafter

“Okay, these Spooky Spider Melt and Pour soaps creeped me out at first, but what a fantastic craft to make. They look so realistic, and I love to see the reaction when people use the bathroom at Halloween. This craft is easy for the kids to make too.” – Sadie

This Fun Spider Mason Jar Craft is a Fantastic Halloween Kids Craft! – Ruffles and Rain Boots

halloween mason jar craft for kids spider jar

“There’s just something fun about halloween creepiness that comes to life in this spider mason jar halloween kids craft. Simple, fun and very silly!” – Sarah

Peanut Butter Cup Spider Cookies – What a Girl Eats

Peanut Butter Cup Spider Cookies

“Peanut butter cup spider cookies are a fun, Halloween cookie. Adorable peanut butter cup spiders sit on top of soft, chewy peanut butter cookies topped with chocolate legs and candy eyes.” – Cynthia

Easy Spider-Man Popcorn Balls Recipe – Kids Activities Blog

Spider-Man Popcorn Balls

“My son is an avid fan of Spider-Man. It’s all he’s been able to talk about for weeks, so I decided to make it special with some yummy Spider-Man Popcorn Balls for our viewing party.” – Arena

Halloween Spider Deviled Eggs – My Productive Backyard

Halloween Spider Deviled Eggs

“What is more fun than spiders for Halloween? And what is more delicious than deviled eggs any time? Halloween Spider Deviled Eggs: perfect for any Halloween get together for Kids or Adults!” – Joy

Pretzel spiders – healthy Halloween treats – Everyday Delicious

Pretzel spiders on a chopping board. Leaves scattered around.

“These pretzel spiders are a healthy snack for kids, perfect for Halloween. They’re made from date peanut butter oat energy balls and pretzels. They are simple and really quick to make. Your kids will love them!” – Aleksandra

Spun Sugar Spider Web Cupcakes – A Fun Halloween Treat! – Ruffles and Rain Boots

adorable Halloween spun sugar cupcakes with spiders on white background with text which reads Ruffles and Rain Boots

“These spun sugar spider web cupcakes make a fun Halloween treat and even come with a party favor. Let’s get started with this easy Halloween dessert.” – Sarah

Chocolate Spiders {Don’t Worry…They Aren’t Really Spiders} – Fun Happy Home

“Did you know that in the jungles of Africa, some natives hunt and catch large tarantulas, then roast them over an open fire.  In Cambodia, tarantulas are considered a delicacy.  To be honest, that makes me want to gag!” – Lisa


Spooky Spider Pops - About A Mom

“We’re still making goodies for our upcoming Halloween party and had so much fun creating these Spooky Spider Pops… that is after I finally found where I had stashed the bag of googly eyes. Lately it seems that I am always missing one ingredient for each project. I guess it’s time to get the craft closet more organized. Thus I digress… back to the Spooky Spider Pops.” – Angela


Spider Chip Cookies for Halloween

“Can you believe that Halloween is less than 2 weeks away? With Halloween costumes and decorations still to make, I’m looking for some simple Halloween snacks that can be whipped up in a jiffy. Jamie from Searching4Savings.com has a really fun guest recipe post for us today. Her Spider Chip Cookies for Halloween start off with a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe and get finished off with a spooky spider surprise.” – Angela

Spider web cupcakes by Emily Leary

Spider web cupcakes arranged on a black surface. The chocolate sponge cupcakes are topped with purple vanilla buttercream and discs of black sugar paste decorated with spider web icing. One cupcake has been bitten.

“These soft and rich chocolate cakes are topped with smooth, dark purple buttercream and decorated with black fondant toppers to create perfectly spooky spider web cupcakes.” – Emily

Halloween peanut butter spider cookies by Emily Leary

Halloween peanut butter spider cookies cooling on a wire rack. A hand is holding one cookie, with a bite in the cookie revealing chocolate chips inside.

“These Halloween peanut butter spider cookies are oaty, satisfying and just as delicious as they are spooky!” – Emily

Halloween Peanut Butter Cupcakes by Little Sunny Kitchen

Super moist peanut butter chocolate cupcakes, frosted with peanut butter frosting and decorated with cute chocolate spiderwebs and little spiders!” – Diana

Spooky Halloween Popcorn Balls by Owl Baking

“These popcorn balls are the perfect snack idea for a Halloween party or movie night! Fresh popcorn is tossed with a soft, vanilla caramel and wrapped in spooky marshmallow spider webs and chocolate spiders! You can also turn use candy eyesto make mummy popcorn balls. A great Halloween idea for kids and so fun to make and eat!” – Liz

5 Minute Spider Snack For Kids by On My Kids Plate

Three peanut Butter celery snack topped with raisins made to look like spiders

“Looking for a spooky snack for Halloween or just to be a little creepy crawly? This idea is kind of like the classic peanut butter and celery snack “Ants On A Log” with a silly twist. This is a great Halloween snack for a party, but is also fun to surprise the kids with a treat after school or in their lunchbox.” – Kristy

HALLOWEEN DONUTS by Healthy Life Trainer

Halloween Donuts

“October is just around the corner, and what is the most exciting part of that month? Halloween! Dress-up time, trick or treat, spooky movies, Halloween desserts such as these Halloween Donuts; all these within a month! What is the best way to celebrate Halloween if not with your budget-friendly and easy-to-make Halloween Donuts? ” – Radwa


chocolate phyllo shells with pretzels for legs and drizzled with chocolate and sea salt on spooky web plate

“If you love Halloween as much as me, then you will love these Spooky Chocolate Pretzel Spiders! They are kid friendly, easy to make and super tasty! Check out my other no-bake desserts.” – Aleka

Halloween Spider Meatloaf – Where is My Spoon

how to make a spider meatloaf

Learn how to make a spider meatloaf, perfect for Halloween. Delicious pork and beef meatloaf with sausages shaped like a spider.” – Adina

How to Make Bug Cupcakes – Imaginative Homeschool

“I made the following cupcakes for a bug themed party and it was so fun.   The cupcakes themselves are just regular out of the box cake mix with store bought chocolate frosting, but below you can learn more about how I decorated them.” – Gale

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