Star Wars Minecraft Lesson

So we have been doing a Star Wars Movie Marathon and I thought, how fun would it be to add a Minecraft lesson to match our movie time. If you are new here, well in my house we use movies, books and Minecraft a lot for English Language among other subjects. Star Wars, while fictional, is based off World War II, Vietnam War, Richard Nixon, Ancient Rome, Knights Templar, and the Cold War according to George Lucas. I actually recently found this out so why not break the films down and compare how it is portrayed for the older grades (7-12th). For elementary school age we are working on characters, setting, plot and breaking it down. You can add in history little by little, I would start with either Ancient Rome or WWII when doing the comparison. So here are the mods I was able to find, it includes add ons, sins, spaceships, and actual buildings from the movies.

Star Wars Skins and Add ons

Death Star

Star Destroyer

Millenium Falcon

The Senate Building

The Battle of Crait

Star Wars Theme Park

Now that you see what we were able to find. I created a printable to go with both for the movies and for Minecraft.

I am also adding in the Minecraft Build guide for Math.

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