Summer Camp planning

Alright folks, I’ve been trying to right this post and film for our YouTube channel but it’s been difficult to say the least. Lots going on here between homeschooling, blogging and trying to run Matthew’s Kitchen.

I’ve been trying to find good camp (virtual or in a box) for this year. Yes the camps around here are closed and no I wouldn’t send him as it’s a risk to the rest of my family, so we are planning on making due.

The good news is that Camp Mave has contacted me. I’m now apart of their affiliate program, which means you all get a discount. How exciting is that? Camp Mave is for Midleschoolers ages 11-14. Stay tuned for our Camp Mave post.

Anyway I have an awesome and very active 7 year old. So scouring the internet is not always easy. So here is what I’ve found so far, if you have information about any of these companies or reviews, please let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Contacted our local 4-H camp, they are brainstorming right now but we’ve offered suggestions. They are continuing Themed Campfire Friday’s, which we love.

2. Outschool – outschool is an online website where classes are being held either pre recorded or live through zoom. It ranges in price, age, topic and length. They have just about everything from science, reading, Harry Potter and minecraft and so much more. If you can’t find a class you can always leave suggestions.

3. Varsity Tutors – they are providing free and low cost summer camp and classes

4. Library – our local library hosts different classes throughout the year, we hope to take a course or two through them, currently nothing is being offered for Matthew’s age

5. Quest Club – similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts except far cheaper. We paid for the year and will be working through to earn badges.

Now there are many more camps out there that are doing virtual or in person camps currently. Many are too much out of our budget so we won’t be registering but if you enjoy any, please let us know which your kids went to and enjoy.

Now I am going to show you what the next 3 months (June, July and August) are looking like right now using the four places mentioned above. Before I do though, the food classes are through Institute of Culinary Education, it’s for me but Matt loves to help cook.

I’m sure we will be doing much more not planned, like hikes, swimming, trampoline, camping, gardening and so much more. I’ve been gathering fun ideas on Pinterest for a while as well for some fun activities too and we will be cooking a lot as well. All of which will be posted as we go.

I hope this helps other families have fun. I’ll be honest, I feel like I over did it for the summer and took advantage of the offers but I’m also super excited for all these camps, I mean what parent wants to hear “I’m Bored.”

Oh side note, this calendar is free to print on