Lucky Charm Treats

Well St. Patricks Day is just a few days away and we are already preparing for our Irish feast. Okay not really a feast but our little celebration at home. I mentioned in our Crockpot Cornbeef Recipe that we normally go buy our corn beef sandwiches at Katz’s Deli in Lower East Side, New York City then drive to Greenwich Village for our fries from Pommes Frites.

Last year we still got our fries but we did make our own corn beef. Covid had just begun and we were taking precautions but wanted to celebrate as a family. It was the first year in two decades my dad (Poppop) was actually home to celebrate with us. A week later we moved upstate New York and have been here since. While we have gone back to the city for a couple of days every few months, I won’t be there for St. Patricks Day. With having basically the whole day as a family, we are going all out with food and snacks. Matthew and I planned on watching Luck of the Irish on Disney + as part of our homeschooling lesson. Don’t worry there is much more than just cooking and watching a movie.

Anyway, this year has been very different with how we have been celebrating holidays. So much so that we have a holiday tree up. Yes our Christmas tree is still up, but we have been switch out the ornaments for seasonal ones. Right now we have these Shamrock ones up from Michaels. How are you planning on spending your St. Patricks Day?