Thanksgiving Leftover Challenge

Ah the last #Tuesdaytip for November and Thanksgiving just passed. I don’t have much in terms of tips on this one but if you are like us, you make a ton of food and end up having a lot of leftovers right? Having the same can get boring, which I hear from Matthew constantly. So we decided to do a challenge on this one. We aimed to change up one meal using the same ingredients from our thanksgiving dinner but enjoy it in a new way. Besides out Monte Cristo sandwich, we wanted to bring you more ideas to enjoy your leftover dinner.

Turkey Ranch Mac- N- Cheese – Ottawa Mommy Club

“Let’s face it. When the holidays roll around it’s so hard not to over do it. There are so many great recipes that your family requests year after year. And, of course, you have those new recipes you just have to try this year. The only problem is that you’re usually left with a lot of turkey leftovers and there are only so many turkey sandwiches a person can eat before they snap. This year, why not try something different?” – Lyne

Pot Pie Soup – The Short Order Cook

“Homemade creamy pot pie soup is an easy recipe that is tasty with any savory protein filling like chicken, turkey, beef, or a vegetarian option. This is comfort food in a bowl that is a wonderful weeknight meal or hearty lunch. Pot pie soup is also a great way to enjoy leftovers in a fresh and delicious way.  From scratch cooking sure beats any frozen pot pie or any you can get to-go like KFC or Marie Callendar’s.” – Angela


“I scream it from the rafters EVERY Thanksgiving. Don’t throw away the turkey carcass! Save that gelatinous-rich puppy, make a turkey stock and then a delicious leftover thanksgiving soup recipe.” – Craig

Pasta de Bocaditos [Cuban Deviled Ham Sandwiches] – This Old Gal

Pasta de Bocaditos {Cuban Deviled Ham Sandwiches} are little bites of deliciousness. Filled with ham, cream cheese and roasted red peppers.” – Mary

Air Fryer Turkey Croquettes [Make w/Leftovers] – This Old Gal

“You are going to want to make extra food, just to make these delicious Air Fryer Turkey Croquettes with Thanksgiving or Christmas leftovers.” – Mary

Thanksgiving Crescent Ring – Sugar and Soul

“This Thanksgiving Crescent Ring piles your favorite turkey day leftovers onto buttery, flaky crescent rolls for a delicious meal or snack! Baked up to perfection and ready to enjoy in only 35 minutes!” – Rebecca

Leftover Mac and Cheese Soup – This Wife Cooks

“Bring your leftovers back to life by serving them in a whole new way!” – Holly

Leftover Stuffing Frittata – This Wife Cooks

“A delicious and easy way to turn excess holiday stuffing into a whole new meal!” – Holly

Leftover Mashed Potato Soup – This Wife Cooks

“An easy and cheesy soup for using up leftover mashed potatoes!” – Holly

Deep Fried Thanksgiving Bites – Down Redbud Drive

“Forget turkey sandwiches, use your Thanksgiving leftovers in a way that will make you say WOW! with these Deep Fried Thanksgiving bites!” – Sammie


“I always have leftover cranberry sauce. I love it and so does my daughter. But the rest of my family, not so much. And once the turkey is gone, I really don’t have a lot of interest in eating it. That is, unless I reinvent it as a leftover.” – Terri

15-Minute Teriyaki Ham Stir Fry – Feast for a Fraction

Teriyaki Ham Stir Fry is a delicious way to use your leftover ham. Simply dice it up, add a few budget ingredients and you’ve got a tasty dinner in less than 15 minutes that costs less than $1.00 per serving.” – Sarah

Classic Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe – Ottawa Mommy Club

“Canadian Turkey has so many different ideas to help Canadians add turkey to your favourite recipes to help you celebrate turkey all month long! This Classic Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe can be enjoyed year round!” – Lyne


Stuck with a ton of leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving Day dinner? Make these scrumptious bakery-style Coffee Cake Muffins with layers of cranberry sauce! They’re topped with a sweet buttery crumble for a perfect breakfast treat served with coffee.“- Sheet

Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza – The Healthy Epicurean

It’s a concoction of fluffy, crisp pizza crust with leftover gravy, turkey, stuffing, Gruyere cheese and cranberry sauce drizzle.” – Julie

Thanksgiving Leftover Gravy Balls – The Healthy Epicurean

Welcome to the ultimate Thanksgiving leftovers recipe: Thanksgiving Leftovers Gravy Balls! Savory turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes wrapped together in a ball with gravy for dipping.“- Julie

Leftover Stuffing Waffles – The Healthy Epicurean

Ever wonder what to do with your leftover Thanksgiving stuffing or dressing? These leftover stuffing waffles are the answer and can be topped with an egg or even leftover turkey or gravy.” – Julie

Deep Fried Stuffing Balls – Butter Your Biscuit

“Deep fried stuffing balls are a delicious way to use up those holiday leftovers. Great for just snacking, game day, or holiday gatherings.” – Wendie

Creamy Turkey Dumpling Soup – Beeyond Cereal

“This creamy turkey dumpling soup is the perfect dish to serve up after the holidays. Using leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole in a new way is always quite exciting!” – Nicole


“This Creamy Turkey Wild Rice Soup is full of comforting spices, cream cheese, leftover turkey, mushrooms, and more. Every bite is flavorful, rich, and bowl-licking good.” – Nicole

Turkey Barely Soup – The Mama Maven

“Foodwise, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! But after a few days, the thought of eating AGAIN, isn’t as appetizing. So make Turkey Soup! This is based on my Uncle Bob’s recipe, which was originally my grandmother Rosalind Johnson’s recipe. The recipe calls for using the bones from the turkey to make turkey stock for the soup. If you want to skip this step and buy turkey stock at the supermarket, that’s fine too. They don’t always sell it, so you can substitute chicken stock if you need to.” – Nancy


“Instant Pot Turkey Noodle Soup is perfect for your leftover Thanksgiving turkey or it can easily be made with leftover chicken!” – Courtney

How to make Potato Cakes- Natural Deets

“Potato cakes just might be the perfect side dish! Crispy, crunchy and savory, this potato cake recipe is sure to be a hit with everyone in the family! See just how easy it is to get this recipe on the table.” – Kim

Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles – Debra Klein

“What to do with the leftover mashed potatoes? Make waffles, of course! I hate to waste food. I’m the queen of repurpose. I don’t mind calling food what it is—leftovers—-but some people have an aversion to leftovers—so it’s best to invent a totally new dish with what you’ve got on hand. Mashed Potato Waffles it is then!” – Debra

Leftover Turkey Noodle Soup – Food Folks and Fun

“This Leftover Turkey Noodle Soup recipe is a great way to use up leftover turkey. It’s a hearty soup that’s perfect for weeknight dinners any time of the year.” – Jillian

How To Make Turkey Stock – Food Folks and Fun

“Learn How To Make Turkey Stock from a turkey carcass and some extra ingredients like herbs, onions, celery, carrots, water, and peppercorns.” – Jill

Leftover Turkey Barley Soup – Easy Budget Recipes

“Turkey Barley Soup is a great way to use leftover turkey. It takes just 20 minutes to make, it’s nutritious, and it’s the best turkey soup ever! ” – Beth, Jill and Jess

Leftover Turkey Sandwiches – Easy Budget Recipes

eftover Turkey Sandwiches are a Thanksgiving staple! They’re perfect for lunch the next day and can be made to fit anyone’s tastes. ” – Beth, Jill and Jess


“These Cinnamon Roll Waffles With Maple Cranberry Sauce are the perfect balance between breakfast foods and desserts! A sweet and tart treat!” – Alli

instant pot split pea soup – Monday is Meatloaf

This hearty and comforting Instant Pot Split Pea Soup is an easy and delicious one-pot recipe. This humble soup is packed with nutrients and flavor. Done in about 30 minutes add some crusty bread and you’re ready to feed a ravenous crowd this tummy filling meal!” – Tina

instant dutch oven stuffed pork chops – Monday is Meatloaf

Stuffed pork chops braised in white wine sauce is a quick and easy dinner. Moist pork chops that are nice and tender are a delicious first dinner for your new Dutch oven. Use prepared stuffing from a box or leftover stuffing from another dinner to make these yummy chops. This is a perfect recipe to make quickly in the Instant Precision Dutch Oven.” – Tina

Traditional Southern Brunswick Stew Recipe – Old Blue Dog

This is a traditional Brunswick stew recipe that uses leftover pulled pork and shredded chicken. This recipe makes great use of pantry staple items. It is easily put together to simmer on the stove or oven freeing you up to do other things while it cooks. A hearty meat and potato dish this makes great use of leftover produce.” – Matt

Mashed Potatoes Patties – Brooklyn Farm Girl

“These delicious, savory Mashed Potato Patties are crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. They’re the best way to use up your leftover mashed potatoes and make for a tasty side dish recipe!” – Pamela

Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles and Gravy – Served from Scratch

“You’ve made potato pancakes before, but these Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles and Gravy are a new leftover mashed potatoes recipe that’ll be sure to give new life to those leftovers! Easy to make and topped with gravy, a new repurposed twist on a classic.” – Tracy

White Bean Leftover Turkey Chili – Served from Scratch

“Our new favorite leftover turkey recipe is this warm and comforting White Bean Leftover Turkey Chili! It’s creamy (without cream), flavorful, and can be on the table in just a little over 30 minutes!” – Tracy

Ham and Cranberry Roll Ups – Little Sprouts Learning

“Ham and Cranberry Roll ups are a festive appetizer for the holidays featuring ham and cranberry sauce rolled and baked in a crescent roll. They are also perfect to make with your Thanksgiving or Christmas leftovers!” – Christina

Leftover Turkey Pizza – Crinkled Cookbook

“Leftover Turkey Pizza is a delicious alternative to enjoying leftovers from a holiday meal. This pizza has it all! Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberries. All of those holiday favorites take on a whole new flavor when combined with a white garlic pizza sauce along with a few dollops of ricotta and parmesan cheeses.” – Melinda


“The perfect leftover turkey soup recipe! This easy Instant Pot Turkey Soupis a delicious way to put those Thanksgiving or holiday leftovers to work. Made with leftover turkey meat, broth from the turkey carcass and extra veggies and herbs. Recipe also includes stovetop instructions!” – Vanessa


“Do you have leftover boiled or mashed potatoes? Then make these flavorful mashed potato patties with mushrooms and spices. You can have these patties as a snack or side dish or as a burger.” – Sravanthi


“We tend to go through ‘food phases’ in my house. Maybe it’s the same for you? For a period of time, we’ll buy a lot of one thing, make lots of stuff out of it, then move on to something else.” – Terri


“Thanksgiving turkey egg rolls are the most delicious way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers. A crispy, golden brown egg roll wrapper surrounds your favorite Thanksgiving flavors.” – Sarah

Leftover Turkey Hand Pies – Carmy

“These Leftover Turkey Hand Pies are an easy way to repurpose your leftover turkey! These Leftover Turkey Hand Pies makes for a great snack and freezes well!” – Carmy

Turkey Soup with Rice – Little Sunny Kitchen

“A hot pot of Turkey Soup with Rice is exactly what should be simmering on your stove the weekend after Thanksgiving! It’s easy to make and a great way to turn holiday leftovers into a wholesome, comforting meal.” – Diana

Creamy Turkey Casserole – Little Sunny Kitchen

“You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a turkey casserole recipe to use up your leftover turkey! This leftover turkey casserole is packed with pasta, veggies, turkey chunks, all folded in with a simple, creamy, cheesy, savory sauce. Top your casserole with some buttery Ritz crackers for the perfect finish.” – Diana

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