The 5 simple steps to Homeschooling

Ah, the greatest question of all. Now you may or probably have read multiple articles about it. That’s a great start. My advice is always as follows

1. Research your State laws

2. Learn what your child’s learning style is

3. Finding your teaching style

4. Find your curriculum

5. Gather your supplies and resources

1. State Laws

In order to start you need to know what your state requirements are. It’s possible you are in a state that has no requirements and no paperwork like Texas or well if you are in New York, like me, there will be some paperwork and required hours and days. You can google it or check HSLDA.

2. Learning Style

If you really want the best for your child and get the best experience (like not arguing or dragging your feet, at least as much), learning about your child’s learning style will help you to teach what you want and need and get it to click in their brains. I’ve gone ahead and explained each type here.

3. Teaching Style

Just like how your child’s learning style will help you to determine a curriculum, so will your method there are different types of teaching, some maybe more natural to you then others.

4. Finding your curriculum

I’ve gone ahead and made a list of Curriculums that you can find here. It’s divided into different categories. Or maybe you decided to make your own, which I’ll have a series of posts on but I started with this Curriculum Planning Post.

5. Supplies and Resources

This will be valuable to you. I suggest joining your local and state homeschooling groups. There’s a lot more that are nationwide as well as international, curriculum based and by type of homeschooling. Just use that search bar. We also have a group if you would like to join for more interact and questions. I have teachers in the group as well.

I have lots of Printable’s as well on this page, and more added to come, so please check back.

Utilize the Internet, Apps, Library, Museums, Zoos and Aquariums. If you travel, use it to teach. There is so much locally, even in smaller towns and cities, to use. Co ops and Meet ups are great as well.

As for supplies, well everyone is slightly different. I suggest your curriculum if you have one your ordering/using online. Craft supplies, tablet or laptop, printer, ink and paper, pens and pencils, globe or map, math manipulatives, and books. I have more to add but that’s a post for another day.

Honestly one of the best resources are those Facebook groups. Questions get answered, field trips planned and experiences and feelings validated. They are there for you as much as I am, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Sending all the love and joy to your new homeschooling adventure.